Oxfam GB, Oxford, United Kingdom

Skill RequiredProject/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
1 to 3 Years
Closing Date for Applications: 
5th January, 2017

Job Description


The Internal Audit Department is an independent function that assists Oxfam Trustees and management by independently reviewing all Oxfam's activities, processes and systems with particular regard to risk and control aspects.

The department is made up of three teams: Internal Audit, Trading Audit, Safeguarding and the Counter Fraud and Corruption Team (FACT). FACT’s purpose is to help Oxfam reduce fraud and corruption to an absolute minimum through the implementation of effective prevention, detection, deterrence, and response activities across the whole organisation. The team is composed of global counter fraud specialists covering the International Division, a global analysis and coordination function, and your specialist role which covers our UK Trading Division, including the shop network of 650 shops , circa 1000 staff and 22,000 volunteers.


Help deliver Oxfam’s Counter Fraud and Corruption Strategy by supporting a robust loss prevention service to the UK Trading Division.


Open for business since 1948, Oxfam shops are at the heart of the charity and their community, raising vital funds and increasing public awareness of what we do. Our shop teams of Shop managers, area and operational management teams and a network of 22,000 volunteers are focussed onmaking as much money as possible maximising income from our donations.

With experience in Countering Fraud and Loss prevention, you will be someone who is adaptable with a strong drive to achieve results. You will be working closely with our inclusive shop teams across the country to provide effective detection, prevention, deterrence and response to theft and fraud in our Trading Division. You will have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and be passionate about ensuring that the money we make reaches the right people.

You will be responsible for assisting Oxfam to tackle fraud and corruption in the Trading Division- a challenge that will require tenacity and a pragmatic way of working. You'll have significant expertise in all areas of deterring, preventing, detecting and responding to fraud and corruption, as well as a detailed understanding of strategy and the holistic approach. Success however will not just depend on the technical skills - in a complex and dynamic environment like Oxfam, you will need outstanding communication, influencing and interpersonal skills too.

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