Grants Management and Results Specialist

World Vision, Manila, Philippines

Skill RequiredHR and Admin Project/ Programme Management
Preferred Experience: 
3 to 10 Years
Email for CV Submission: 
Closing Date for Applications: 
1st January, 2017

Job Description

Key Objectives of the Position

  1. Responsible in the conceptualization, formulation of grants funding proposals, funding negotiations with target funding institution, to gain funding support for WVDF’s development agenda.
  2. Accomplishes performance agreements, regular performance reviews and appraisal and implements development plans.
  3. Participates in Christ-centered commitment activities, creates opportunities for spiritual reflection to increase passion for ministry and demonstrates Christian principles in work and lifestyle.

Major Responsibilities

A. Sets and defines performance accountability and standards of the Grants Marketing Section in collaboration with direct reports.

B. Ensures that Grants Marketing’s work performance are measured and aligned with defined organizational and division goals and standards.

C. Collaborates with direct report in defining annual work objectives and learning and development goals.

D. Provides opportunities and space to direct reports in the attainment of their learning and development objectives.

E. Actively seeks Grant funding channels and establishes relationship with Grant giving organizations.

F. Coordinates with Programs/Operations any and all potential grant funding that will support World Vision’s development agenda.

G. Spearheads the conceptualization, formulation of Grant funding proposal based on the parameters and requirements of the target funding agency, considering the organizational capacity and context.

H. Coordinates with the implementing department/section of Programs/Operations, any and all key items for negotiations with the funding agency.

I. Negotiates Grant proposals for specific projects with the focal person of the funding agency.

J. Facilitates and coordinates pre-approval meetings for grants proposal, including that of signing of Agreements for successful proposals.

K. Endorses properly all documents and communication protocols to implementing department/section of the approved Grants and serves as technical adviser from time to time during Grant-funded project implementation.

L. Ensures that Christ-centered Commitment is a foundational mandate of every fund grants processes.

Person Specification Education

A graduate of Bachelors or graduate degree preferably in Marketing, Business Administration, Social Work, Communications, Economics or related Social Science course.


Demonstrated understanding and aptitude on basic Fundraising techniques

Aptitude in technical writing, understanding of Logical Framework and LEAP processes, and basic accounting

Familiarity with Grant giving organizations (multilateral and bilateral organizations)

Established network with funding agencies who periodically request for proposals

Good presentation and communication skills for a number of different audiences

Good understanding of poverty related issues in the Philippines development context


Good time management and organisational skills

Proven experience in managing a team

Demonstrated leadership and collaboration skills

Ability to work autonomously

Good people skills and facilitation skills

Competent in the use of Microsoft Office computer programs including Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Work Environment Level of Travel –TBC

Core Values (Proficiency Level 1)

We are Christian Willingness to be open about their faith / discuss their spiritual life and respect others’ beliefs. e.g. participate in corporate spiritual life in an enthusiastic manner and respect for others’ opinions and religious beliefs

We are committed to the poor Demonstrate community involvement and interest in issues of justice. Placing needs/interests of others before your own needs. Active participation in community groups, child sponsor

We value people Be able to demonstrate good interpersonal skills and accept diversity in the workplace

We are stewards Understands issues regarding conserving resources, i.e. financial, physical and can improve efficiencies in work practices

We are partners Understand the international environment in which we operate together with other partners

We are responsive Responsive to customer expectations in a timely and appropriate manner.

Can make decisions under pressure

Core Capabilities (Proficiency Level 1)

Achieving Quality Results and Service

· Clarifies the goals and purpose of work tasks

· Completes tasks in a timely, cost-effective way

· Responds promptly in a professional manner

· Stays committed to outcomes despite obstacles

Practicing Accountability and Integrity

· Clarifies the standards that need to be followed

· Demonstrates personal integrity and trustworthiness

· Pursues thoroughness and appropriate detail

· Communicates with integrity to different stakeholders

· Maximises use of resources to meet standards

Communicating information effectively

· Uses insightful questions to gather relevant information

· Writes clearly and simply and always conveys intended meaning

· Uses advanced listening and questioning skills to confirm facts, issues, emotional state/s and alternative options

· Demonstrates excellent group facilitation skills

· Demonstrates excellent meeting facilitation skills

· Builds strong lasting relationships of trust, based on open communication

Thinking clearly, deeply and broadly

· Asks key questions and gathers relevant information

· Sees relationship between cause, effects, and big picture

· Breaks down complex information into simple language

· Identifies gaps, trends, priorities and key issues

Understanding the humanitarian industry

· Discusses major NGO’s with awareness

· Describes key aspects and issues of relief

· Describes key aspects and issues of development

· Describes key aspects and issues of advocacy

· Identifies trends and changes in humanitarian industry

· Lists key information sources that keep knowledge

Understanding World Vision’s Mission and Operations

· Understands WV core documents (vision, mission, core values, covenant of partnership and ministry policies)

· Represents World Vision as a child-focused organization

· Understands fundraising (including sponsorship), relief, development and advocacy issues including operational consequences

· Explains WV work in relation to issues of poverty, power, justice and peace

· Puts personal work into the wider WV context

Practicing Innovation and Change

· Proactively seeks opportunities to do things differently

· Finds fulfilment in work through creativity

· Demonstrates courage in the face of challenges

· Solves problems efficiently and effectively

· Cooperates with others in support of change

Learning for growth and development

· Reflects on experiences to draw out learning
· Pursues learning both formally and informally
· Seeks feedback on performance and acts on it
· Takes risks and learns from failure
· Asks for help in solving problems
· Encourages and supports others to grow and develop

Maintaining work/life balance and effectiveness

· Maintains balance in work, life and relationships (especially family and friendship relationships and support networks) Prioritises many demands without losing focus
· Has realistic self awareness of abilities and development needs

· Successfully manages personal emotions and their effects

Building Collaborative Relationships

· Treats others with honour and respect

· Builds and maintains strong relationships

· Cooperates well with other team members · Develops personal networks of effective relationship

Practicing Gender and Cultural Diversity · Respects and is sensitive to different groups
· Adapts style to new environments and cultures
· Appreciates and embraces differences
· Understands own preferences, culture and perspective
· Expresses own beliefs in culturally appropriate manner

Influencing Individuals and Groups

· Seeks to understand and respect differing perspectives and viewpoints
· Takes a stand on behalf of issues and groups
· Interprets and presents information with influence and impact

· Uses different styles to impact different individuals or groups

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