Is Nutrition a good career option?

When we talk about the most popular industries with high-paying jobs, nutrition does not make the list in most of the cases. In today’s fast-paced world, where every other school student wants to become either an engineer, a businessman, a doctor or an architect, the number of young people interested in nutrition as a career is comparatively lower.However, if you see the brighter side, the competition in this particular field is less intense, and interestingly, there are plenty career options to explore as well. If you are pursuing your higher studies in Nutrition, you may like to assess all the possible career options that you can have in this particular field.

Clinical Dietetics:

The primary job role of a clinical dietician is to plan the nutrition programs for the patients to improve and maintain their health. A clinical dietician usually works at medical institutes like a hospital, a clinic or even a public health camp, and earns an average salary of AU$80,085 a year in Australia.

A clinical dietician may work on a short-term program, usually to ensure the proper nutrition of an accident victim. However, he or she may need to get involved in the long-term program, if the patient is an elderly person or is suffering from diseases like diabetes or kidney failure.

Food Technology:

A food technologist studies the food sources and discovers innovative ways to produce nutritious processed food. It is the job of a food technologist to ensure the food we are consuming are safe and accurately labeled.

It is also the responsibility of the of the food technologists to come up with better ways to preserve and package foods for distribution as well as consumption. The annual salary of a food technologist in Australia is AU$83,591on an average

Education and research:

If a student wants, he can continue his studies in the field of Nutrition and become a Nutrition researcher. Nutrition, as you may realize, is a branch of science where the scope of research is potentially limitless. It’s a university-based job, where the researcher can study the various aspects of food and nutrition

The average salary of a nutritionist or a nutrition researcher is around AU$50,216 per year. The researcher also has the option of serving as an expert where he can provide the students with online assignment help and guide them with their studies.

Animal Nutrition:

Animal farming has been popular in the countryside for centuries, and it goes without saying that the nutrition of those animals (mostly cattle and sheep) requires the supervision of an expert. The job of an animal nutritionist is same as the regular nutritionist, except for the fact that here the subjects are animal.

Apart from designing the nutrition plan for the animals at farms, the animal nutritionists also work alongside corporate research and development faculties, pharmaceutical companies, government offices, pet or livestock feed companies, zoos, wildlife rehabilitation facilities and laboratories. The average salary of an animal nutritionist is around AU$49,435 a year.

Culinary Nutrition:

Culinary nutrition is a segment of culinary arts that integrates cooking skills with nutrition. A culinary nutritionist is more than the chefs or cooks. They may share the same interest in food preparation, but their job goes beyond the process of food preparation. They also need to keep a checklist of nutrients (fat, proteins, calories, etc.) in the food.

The average income of a culinary nutritionist in Australia depends on the position of the professional. For a nutrition assistant, it is approximately AU$54,615 a year, whereas an executive chef earns nearly AU$84,758 annually. As it appears, there are several other positions in between, where a culinary expert can serve.


Even though one does not need to study nutrition to become an author, it is an alternative career choice for the nutrition students who have a knack for writing. There are a number of celebrated authors who excel in writing books on nutrition, food and related topics.

In Australia, an average author earns roughly around AU$62,000 every year. On the similar line, the job of an online blogger is also getting significant exposure in today’s date. A regular blogger can earn around AU$31,920 a year, while the average salary of a corporate blogger is much higher (AU$43,890 a year).

There are several other career options in the field of Nutrition that you can explore. However, the most popular ones are already mentioned above. It is advised that you get in touch with a nutritional expert or academic adviser who can assess your strength and abilities and suggest you accordingly.




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