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Dear Readers and Writers,

Thanks for your interest in the career section of Your association has brought us to a stage where we have established as a knowledge platform for development professionals in the development sector globally.

To take this journey further, we are planning to do a series of exclusive stories which will be of help to individuals planning to start their career in development sector. These stories will also be published in form of a book. The story should adhere to following standards:

  • The story must be original and based on a detailed research
  • Stories will have approximate length of around 3000 words
  • Story must be submitted within the duration of 45 days after the allocation to writer
  • Stories should have visual elements to make the concepts clear to the audiences

All selected authors will be given a gift. The author of best viewed story will be given an iPad in gift. There will be a promotion time of 15 days from date of online publication. Stories’ popularity will be calculated based on meaningful comment written on the story and likes on various Social Media platforms.

The process will be as follows:

  • Advertisement of story on the portal with the synopsis
  • Potential author will show interest in prescribed format
  • Selection will be done based on the application form submitted and result will be communicated to the selected authors
  • Signing of a MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) (T)
  • Story will be submitted in T+45 days
  • Story will be published by T+60 days
  • Competition will continue till T+75 Days
  • Result will be announced by T+75 Days
  • Gift will be shipped

The outline of the chapters is in the following section. Authors are encouraged to suggest their ideas in addition to suggested points.

Chapter 1: Introduction to Social Development

This chapter must address following aspects:

  • What is social development (as understood in contemporary time)?
  • Historical background of social development sector
  • Current scenario
  • Learning opportunities and practice
  • Available options for people planning a career in social development sector
  • Challenges in the social development sector (Both systemic as well as for the individual practitioners)

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Chapter 2: Job in Development Sector: Walking with you

This chapter must address following:

  • Difference between Bio Data, Resume and CV
  • How to prepare a CV
  • Types of CVs and purpose of different types
  • How to prepare a covering letter
  • How to appear for a telephonic interview
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication during an interview and its global perspective
  • How dressing sense and body language is context specific
  • How to negotiate on salary after selection
  • How to develop thanking note even after rejection to maintain potential future association

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Chapter 3: Interesting Career Options in Contemporary Times

This chapter must address following:

  • Emerging career options in development sector (Health, Education, Climate Change, Social Inclusion)
  • Emerging areas and trends in development sector

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Chapter 4:  Working in the grassroots

It is believed that fair amount of time should be spent at the grassroots level to get a sound grounding in the development sector.  It helps to see different social issues in clear perspective. The article should have the following points:

  • Need for grassroots experience
  • How it helps in the later stages of career
  • Booting your career from grassroots level
  • Challenges faced at the grassroots by the practitioners
  • How this experience is relevant in terms of philosophy of praxis
  • Development sector professional should write this chapter

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Chapter 5: Working with UN Agency

  • Understanding functioning of UN agencies such as UNDP, World Bank, UNICEF, etc.
  • What is required to kick start career in UN agency
  • Details of international civil services exams
  • Volunteering mechanism offered by UNV
  • Prerequisite skill factors to work with UN agencies

This chapter will be written by someone who has worked in a UN agency and has insider understanding of its functioning.

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Chapter 6: Working in Philanthropic Organization or CSR

  • Understanding ecosystem
  • Understanding various major foundations across the globe and their philosophy
  • Career options in CSR domain

Someone who has extensively worked on CSR domain should write this chapter or group of international authors from all continents

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Chapter 7: Gender perspective in development sector

  • Understanding gender equity from a development perspective
  • Importance of gender neutrality/sensitivity
  • International practices on gender equity and opportunity
  • Opportunities in gender based work across the globe
  • Different groups engaged in gender based work and their focus

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Chapter 8: Interaction with eminent development professional

This chapter will have multiple interviews from the eminent global personalities who have  worked in the development sector, with a focus on their journey in the development sector

  • How they started their career
  • Perspective on development
  • Researching their profiles
  • Interview schedule need to be designed and will be finalized in consultation with Indev Jobs

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Chapter 9: Advance Development study

This chapter must outline the following:

  • List of 100 global schools known for development studies in a formatted manner
  • Preparing for an international school
  • Dos and don’ts

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Chapter 10: Resources for Development Study

This chapter will outline the following:

  • Database of scholarships for development studies
  • Why should someone fund you?
  • Bringing the value proposition to the funder

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Note: All the stories after the acceptance will be finalized in terms of structure and content, in consultation with Indev Jobs prior to their publication online as well as in Hard copy form.