How to make a decision when you get multiple jobs offers

5 Smart Ways to Make a Wise Decision When Job Offers Come in Bulk

It’s time to celebrate I believe? All your hard work and industry knowledge are finally about to pay off, and you cannot be more excited about it, especially when there are multiple job offers flooding your mailbox. That’s where you need to hold your horses; stay calm, think it over and make a decision worth appreciating your entire life. In case you are confused and over excited to see too many job offers knocking on your order, take some time out to read through the following suggestions. It might just help you to make the right decision in the long run.

1.  Choose a job that offers career growth and prosperity

You may put up an argument and wonder is it only a prosperous career one should look for?  Isn’t the remuneration important as well? Yes, it surely is! But you need to figure out the right way and choose a job that offers career potential for a stable income source and opportunity through the entire life. According to a survey which was published in The New York Times, an analyzed data of 450,000 randomly chosen respondents has shown results based on self-assessment, indicating life evaluation rising “well above” $75,000.However, it is never the same in terms of experiencing daily happiness. Professor Kahneman, a noble laureate in Economics is of the opinion that the benefit of having a high income is ambiguous. Have you ever wondered why? The idea is not to overlook the aspect of having a higher income scale. Rather, the idea is to choose a job that has sufficient career potential which could allow you to be yourself, paves the way to grow and explore. Definitely, monetization is something which would naturally happen to you.

2.  There’s a difference between expressing interest and saying Yes straightaway

This is one trick you need to master while juggling multiple job offers and choosing the best one form the lot. I can understand it’s a whole lot of excitement and a rush of adrenaline for you to get so many job offers all at once. But you need to understand the fact that it would only take a second or two to accept a job offer.On the contrary, you can always express interest, appreciate the offer and wait for a couple of more days to conduct a thorough market research before confirming anything to your employer. It is to be noted that changing your mind frequently and rejecting job offers post-confirmation of the mail might not go down well with the industry big fishes in terms of etiquette and professional ethics. Thus, when you have multiple job offers, express your excitement for the offer, but refrain from grabbing it right away.

3.  Recall your experience as a job applicant in that particular organization

Time for some brainstorming; you gotta exercise your mind and analyze things closely before making a decision. When you have similar job offers in bulk, consider recalling your experience with the people you have met in each of the organizations during the time of interview.As a matter of fact,  an e-learning portal named recently published one of its articles on workplace discrepancy and stated that employees tend to stick to an organization longer if the person is surrounded by helpful co-workers and unbiased employers. And this is something I believe is legit on behalf of an employee to rate his/her workplace based on this particular parameter.In case you didn’t have a nice experience upon meeting the people at the interview room and the group of potential co-workers at the organization, then it would probably be a better choice for you to go with your gut feeling. Strike off the name from your list and look for the next one. Office manners, decency, cooperation among co-workers are elements to be prioritized while making a decision to grab the right job opportunity when there are a plethora of options available to you.

4.  Evaluate your exit plan and accept the job offer accordingly

We do have our individual exit plans, seldom disclosed and shared. Have you ever asked yourself where you would like to see yourself in the next 8-10 years, or how long do you wish to stay in a particular organization and shift your base for a better opportunity? I am sure you did. That’s what exit plans are precisely all about.Now that you have a plan, decide what all requisite elements, skills and industry expertise would help you to achieve success and reach the destination you have decided for yourself. In case you find that the offer and your job role has enough scopes for you to make a career out of all aspirations, then go for it. The idea is to evaluate and compare all job offers, figure out the one which has the potential to turn your dreams and aspirations into reality.

5.  Weigh job offers based on the compensation packages offered

This is another crucial point to be considered when it comes to making a perfect decision and choose the right job when there are ample options before you. You got to look for the compensation packages offered by the different organization before sending across the acknowledgement and acceptance mail.From bonus to medical reimbursements, travel allowances to incentives, there are a lot of elements and components of utmost priority to be evaluated and considered when it comes to choosing an ideal place to work.

The best idea is to make a list of all necessary allowances and provisions you wish to receive as compensation. For a family man, medical reimbursements might be a matter of big concern, while for an individual who’s into travelling and outdoor corporate activities, travel allowances could be of greater importance. Thus, the idea is to prioritize your needs and look for an ideal compensation package that meets the criteria before making that final decision.

It really takes talent and focus to grab multiple offers, and if you have managed to ensure the same, then my friend, half the battle is already won. Now, it’s time for you to take note of the suggestions as discussed, and make a decision that suits your goal.

Good luck!

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