Advantage Of Recruiting Fresher’s

Eddie Colin 26-May-2017

Businesses all over the world are dependent on the labour they recruit and train throughout the year because these employees manage all the work that is being done. Employees that earn significant revenue for the business are valuable assets for the business and they do every possible thing to keep them from resigning.A lot of people apply for jobs in every company each month from fresh graduates to experienced individuals. While senior employees and experienced people are undoubtedly excellent for every business, you must not underestimate the importance of fresher’s i.e. fresh graduates who apply for various positions.

Every year, thousands of students graduate from colleges from all over the world and apply to organisations for jobs. Some apply abroad while a majority works in their hometown aiming for multinational corporations and government organisations. Fresh graduates are not all fresh which means that they do apply with some internship and volunteer work experience at hand. Nevertheless, there are a range of advantages that your company will enjoy by hiring fresher’s for job vacancies:

Easy to train: Off and on-job training is provided in almost every organization nowadays regardless of which industry the company operates in. The training is provided no matter how much the candidate scored in assessments and no matter how much qualified he is. This is because training prepares the individuals specifically for the organization and helps them adjust to the new environment comfortably. Fresher’s are in their learning phase and so it is easier to train them as compared to seniors who may not take the training very seriously. A survey revealed that fresh graduates are able to grasp things faster than others mainly because of their willingness to learn.
Ambitious and competitive: Since fresher’s are aware of the fact that they need to compete thousands of individuals in the market not only to get the job but to survive in them, they tend to work harder and show efficiency at work. Also, they have just stepped out of the competitive system of college so they are used to the competition. Another advantage of hiring fresh graduates is that they are ambitious. With an aim of prospering in the corporate world, young talent tends to seize opportunities which organizations can use to maximise employee efficiency. They will work hard with an aim of being promoted faster which in turn will benefit the company.
Used to workload and time pressure: Experienced individuals may be better in coming up with logical solutions to problems but they are seldom ready to take up sudden workload or work under time pressure. This is because they are not used to it. On the contrary, college is a journey where students are trained to work under time pressure and strictly abide by the deadlines. They are provided with a lot of assignments and quizzes simultaneously to improve their workload and time management skills so if this continues at workplace, fresher’s would not face much difficulty in tackling the tasks. Hence, fresh graduates are better in managing time and workload as compared to senior officials.This, however, does not mean that you overburden them with work all the time. It can just be very advantageous at times when an employee could not show up for some reason and a lot of task is pending.
Knows the importance of team work: Fresher’s are those employees who will know how to take competition and teamwork together anywhere. While the importance of team work is known by all the employees at the workplace, fresh graduates are able to pull off work better because they know the strategies to follow when working in a team. This is because college prepares them in the best way for team work through group projects and presentations after every few weeks. Without efficient team work strategies, you cannot carry out tasks in a productive manner. So fresher’s can work well in a team which is advantageous for your company’s productivity.
Love to explore: Experienced individuals may not be willing to shift their departments and work in a new field unlike fresher’s who are willing to learn and explore new departments regardless of which major they chose at college. The ultimate aim of fresh graduates is not to work in one department efficiently and make a lot of money but to explore which one is the most suitable for them so they can enjoy their work too. A lot of well-known multinational corporations now do not ask from employee preference but place them in the departments they believe suits their personalities. This way, employees remain motivated and do not get bored of the same work.
Energetic and social: Fresh graduates are usually full of energy, enthusiastic and social which keeps the environment of workplace active. Since there is a lot of workload on employees in office, it is imperative that the environment is not boring because otherwise employees will feel demotivated. A survey revealed that some of the finest organizations in this world consist of a majority of young employees and one of the major reasons is that the employees tend to have fun at office keeping the environment of office lively. Too many senior employees will create a very formal and serious environment and so the few fresher’s will not feel motivated to work with efficiency.
Innovative ideas and new perspective: Finally, fresh graduates can bring innovative ideas to your company whose implementation can boost sales and profit. They are aware of the modern market through books and by researching on companies’ recruitment processes which can be very beneficial for your firm. They also have a different perspective than senior employees and usually act more risk loving unlike seniors who are comfortable with traditional methods. Fresher’s are not afraid of taking up new challenges under any circumstances.

So while there may be some disadvantages of hiring fresh graduates like the high probability of them switching jobs for better opportunities and so on, your company can significantly benefit if it has young employees. There is some reason why the best companies in this world consists of young employees and are successful in whatever they do. Senior employees, nevertheless, are valuable assets to companies because they can supervise and advice well on various issues using their experience.

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