Working In The Developing Countries

Ahmed Khan 17-Jun-2017

Working in the developing countries is one of the most tiring and difficult things to do because there are so many problems that make it less interesting and efficient for one to work there.

Wage issue
In developing countries since there are so many labours available and out of those labours few are productive so that’s the reason why the wages given to them are pretty low as compare to developed countries. Reasons for so many labours are the population of these countries and limited jobs availability in those countries.

Productive is low because they are not very educated so they lack technical skills, they don’t have the advanced technology and their own health issues. Labour gets around 1 to 2 US Dollar every day for their work and work overtime but still is given very low wage for their effort as compared to developed countries.

The labour issues faced by the workers here are that labour supply is high but demand is low that’s why developing countries unemployment is so high, labour here are not technically good because they don’t receive a proper education because of affordability issues. Labour has to work for an extra hour during a day and in return receives low wages for his time as compare to developed countries.

Other reasons include
There is a lack of capital in the developing countries because of which there is a lack of development. For development country needs capital and when it doesn’t have the enough capital so there is a less development which means fewer jobs are created.

The population growth in these countries is pretty high and it is causing overpopulation, there is more human resource than natural and capital resource.
Seasonal unemployment is another issue because in agriculture when harvesting season comes then more people are employed and when it’s over then those extra workers are laid-off.
When economic crises come then people start to save more and spend less, when they spend less so they consume more and because of this less consumption; less is produced resulting in the layoff of some employment.
Another reason for unemployment is urban migration, labour from rural areas come to urban areas in the hope for high paying jobs which adds to unemployment as labour comes from area where labour is needed to the an area where is not needed.

Women discrimination
In developing countries, for the women, it is very difficult to get a job, in some areas they can’t work because they have to take care of family and in some areas they are not allowed to work.In urban areas, women who are allowed to work, are given lower wages as compared to men and are less likely to be given senior positions in the office. Woman employers in the developing countries are very low as compare to men employers.

Job securities
People working in the developing country have job securities issues; because of their skills, they are unsure if they will stay in certain for a longer time job.

Labour protection
Labour protection law exists in the developing country but is not followed properly because of which labours are facing problems like use of children as labour when it is not allowed, minimum wages of labours are too low, unfair wages where one labour is given more and other labour less even if they do the same job and have same skills. Unions that are made for labour’s help are politically influenced.

Technological issue
In the developing countries, the technology is far behind as compared to developed countries, the internet is slower; there is problem of electricity shortage and water supply and the machines used in the offices are outdated because of which work is done slower and the quality of the work is bad as compared to developed countries.

Working condition
Working in the developing countries is dangerous as compared to developed countries, in developing countries there are fewer steps taken to improve the safety and health concern of workers, working in the factories.Workers are in a hazardous environment which affects their health badly and building planning is not done properly as there are fewer fire exits or fire extinguisher and emergency exits, even the building structure is not proper.

Income disparity
Income disparity is in the developing countries than developed countries because in the developing countries a rich person is getting richer and poor person is getting poor.

Roads are not properly built and are so small because of which there is huge traffic burden on it and one reaches to his destination after a lot of time.The Transport system is pretty poor in these countries, there are no fast moving trains and metro, buses that can reduce the traffic load and reduce the travelling time.

Workers in these countries face many issues like wages, safety, health, unemployment, rights, job securities and technological issue which make the job tougher and more time-consuming. Working in these countries can effects negatively on the health of a person as they give extra time but reap no benefits for it.

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