Brian Staines

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United Kingdom
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17th November, 1954
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Training and Capacity Building
Professional Details: 


  • Postgraduate diploma in Careers Guidance (University of West of England)
  • Masters level qualification in Careers Guidance in Higher Education (University of Warwick)
  • Masters level qualification in Education (Open University)
  • Doctorate in Education

English Competence

  • English is my native language and I feel I have excellent oral and written English. Run a wide range of workshops for students and graduates including effective presentation skills courses. Required to produce a wide range of written materials and reports as a key component of my work

Computer Literacy

  • Have a reasonable level of computer literacy and would happily undertake further training on specific packages if required

General Professional Experience

  • To date in excess of 25 years experience in the education working at all levels, from secondary schools, tertiary training, further education, and Higher Education. Have skills related to helping pupils, to running training courses for staff at all these institutions.
  • Worked on a variety of projects throughout this period to develop and enhance Careers Services and their support to students
  • Specific work carried out to enhance employability of disadvantaged groups

Specific Professional Experience

  • Direct experience of working in the field of Careers Guidance and counselling throughout my career, and for last 20 years this has been at Bristol University where I was Head of Guidance till Nov 2014.
  • This has involved guidance and counselling on a one to one basis, with the appropriate use of psychological instruments where required. It has also specifically involved  setting up work experience and internship schemes to enable under-represented groups to enter the labour market. In addition I have developed a range of guidance related workshops, as well as specific activities to assist in finding jobs e.g. effective CVs Covering Letters Applications, and Interview techniques. I have also trained staff at schools, colleges, and universities in relation as to how to use these effectively, and to embed them within the academic curriculum.Specific Projects have involved
  • Work specifically to make the educational system more attractive to disadvantaged groups, including the development of schools based work experience programmes

Specific Projects included

  • Student Participation: Ensuring maximum participation by students in the work of the Careers Service, to assist students in Psychological decision making and Careers choice.The aim was to ensure Careers was embedded throughout the curriculum, and student involvement in the Careers Service reached in excess of 80% in my period of time as Head of Guidance
  • Student Employability Award Project:I was sucsessful in gaining funding and consequently delivering the Student Employability award in which currently over 1,000 students at the University of Bristol are involved.This award is aimed at giving students a wide range of employability skills of benefit in the labour market
  • Widening Participation Project:The aim was to ensure that underrepresented groups were more involved in Higher education.It involved the direct delivery of talks to potential students from underepresented groups, to encourage a higher level of involvement in Higher Education, whilst providing them with additional support during their periods of studies
  • Psychological testing group Project:I was the leader of this group within the university, to look at and evaluate a range of psychological instruments for use by the Careers Service.The University subsequently purchased these instruments eg Myers Briggs based on my reccommendations.I was subsequently trained to deliver these instruments to students with appropriate one to one evaluation of results
  • Careers Programme Project:Lead an annual project to devise and then deliver a comprehensive Psychological and Careers Guidance programme to the maximum number of students, but withing restrictive budgetary constraints.Ths was acheived on a year by year basis, largely due to the income the Careers Service managed to generate.
  • COIMBRA Group Project:My specific role in this project group was to ensure the University developed on an international basis via collaboration with a range of leading European Universities
  • Training Group Project: Set up and arranged the delivery of a comprehensive training programme to all staff within the Careers ServiceThis involved the organisation of workshops and study visits,  and using a range of key experts where appropriate.

Team Leader experience

  •  For last 14 have managed a team of 13 staff at University of Bristol Careers Service in my role as Head of Guidance
  •  Substantial experience in the design, preparation and delivery of workshops in a variety of settings
  •  Substantial experience of leading teams based in different areas of a country and managing remotely



13. Specific experience in the Beneficiary Country of an EU External Aid Program: Project Experience



Date from - to


2014 continuing  Evaluation Project to assess and evaluate applications from the Turkish Cypriot Community for a range of scholarships .It involved both looking at any psychological assessments plus conducting interviews with applicants


June 2013 Training Project

I developed and delivered a comprehensive training programme in situ for a range of Psychological Guidance and Counselling experts from throughout the Balkans


May 2013 Female Participation in Labour Market Project

Delivered a keynote speech at international conference in Ankara around the theme of increasing overall female participation, citing examples I have gained from international experience.It also addressed the issue of gender stereotyping in employment and suggested strategies to combat this.



International Office Careers Service liaison project

This project was primarily aimed at enabling international offices and Careers and Psychological guidance services to work together more effectively. I delivered training in various centre’s throughout Croatia to enable this to take place


1999-2002 Namibian Human Resource Development Project. Worked directly with the Psychological Guidance and Counseling services to develop an effective Careers Guidance system within schools. Involved a number of trips to Namibia where I was the lead in the project and key players (including Minister of Education) took part in the workshops and seminars I organized and delivered. It resulted in the development of a comprehensive and inclusive Careers Education system in schools


1998-1999 Development of Counselling and Careers Guidance systems project.

Worked directly with Bulgarian officals from the Ministry of Education and Ministrey of Labour to develop an effective schools Psychological Guidance and Counselling system.In particulatr it involved leading a 2 week workshop to develop an effective policy and the key principles underlying it.This was sucsessfully acheived


1995-continuing Romanian Academic Links Project

My role was to lead a project with the principal aim of providing training for staff at the Careers and Psychological  Guidance centres, to enable them to link more effectively with their academic colleagues, and the worls of employment


Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 17-Mar-2015
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