Bruce Jefferies

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New Zealand
Date of Birth: 
13th September, 1943
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Training and Capacity Building
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My experience covers all relevant aspects of the marine and terrestrial conservation management spectrum including; project scoping and formulation, engagement as a practitioner working at, or close to, field and operational levels, and a well-established base in the policy, legal and planning aspects of the profession. In addition, my experience includes:

a)      An understanding of criteria and processes used to formulate and implement projects under various international conventions e.g. CBD including the Program of Work on Protected Areas, Global Environment Facility (GEF), RAMSAR Convention, CITES, and the World Heritage Convention.

b)      Application of Climate Change and Ecosystem-based Adaptation approaches

c)      Access and Benefit Sharing approaches and best practice

d)      Forging linkages between global biodiversity conservation imperatives and community livelihood and development.

e)      Eco-tourism and recreation planning and design

f)       Development and implementation, including training of staff, of management planning systems;

g)      Establishment of monitoring indicators, verifiable measures and methods;

h)      An understanding of the expectations of donors;

i)       Development of national / community capacity and institutions;

j)       Policy and legal formulation;

k)      Development of tourism guidelines (compatible with PA objectives);

i have been actively involved in a range of MEAs including the CBD, UN CCD, Ramsar, World Heritage Convent



Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 03-Mar-2015
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