Dr. Alok Lodh

Email: cmd<at>collaborative.in
Date of Birth: 
8th August, 1968
Relevant Experience in Years: 
Skill Set: 
Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Monitoring and Evaluation
Project/ Programme Management
Strategic Alliances
Training and Capacity Building
Professional Details: 

Dr. Alok Lodh

General Manager (Business Development & Operational Strategy)

(DJVOW Limited, New Delhi)

H-330, Jal Vayu Vihar Plot-8, Pocket-4, Greater NOIDA, Pin: 201308; Email: draloklodh@gmail.com; Mob: 9999335872


Serve profitably the operational interests of a Corporate Healthcare Sector Specialty Organisation through a sustainable model and create performing teams which will take forward the institution towards enhanced Quality of Care.


Dr. Dinesh Batra-CEO – Cygnus Group of Hospitals          (dineshbatra2011@gmail.com)

Dr. A. Bhanot – Director Lap. & Spine Surgery PSSH        (arunbhanot@primushospital.com)

Dr. A. N. C. Peters – Director Dept. of Bariatric Surgery     (ancpeters@yahoo.com)




{C}{C}{C}1.    {C}{C}Large Scale Project Management (Operations) in Quality

{C}{C}{C}2.    {C}{C}Operational Management of Super Specialty Hospitals

{C}{C}{C}3.    {C}{C}Quality Management-Implementation of NABH & ISO incl. SOPs, 5S, 6 Sigma etc.

{C}{C}{C}4.    {C}{C}Strategy &  Business Development

{C}{C}{C}5.    {C}{C}Credentialing of Professionals

{C}{C}{C}6.    {C}{C}Healthcare Consultancy Projects in  Public/ Community Health

{C}{C}{C}7.    {C}{C}Tactical decision making on strategic and sensitive issues

{C}{C}{C}8.    {C}{C}Medical Tourism & Remote Access Health Service Provisioning through Telemedicine

{C}{C}{C}9.    {C}{C}Planning Projects

{C}{C}{C}10.  {C}{C}Networking with the formal sector for enhanced convergence of services and increased revenue flows

{C}{C}{C}11.  {C}{C}Monitoring & Evaluation of Health Program Initiatives through Rapid Assessment Methods & Quality Audits

{C}{C}{C}12.  {C}{C}Capacity building & Professional Training of healthcare professionals including Employee Ret. Initiative




I am primarily a Professional Operations Manager in the field of Healthcare Projects with more than 21 years of post qualification experience in the area of Health.  My specific focus and recent activity / skills as GM Operations at Octavo relate to -


{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Implementation of Quality Projects in 217 sites across 7 States (As Technical Support Units) of India and 1 in Colombo

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Hospital Operations Management as Technical support

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Accreditation & Implementation of Quality Projects – NABH & ISO at 143 Hospitals across 5 states of India


{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Implementation of Public Health Projects

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Medical Outreach Programs (5 States of India) & Medical Tourism (5 Countries)

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Sustainable Business Development and

{C}{C}{C}·         {C}{C}Professional Training


My other specialty interests and proficiency include Monitoring & Evaluation, Professional Technical Trainings including Medical Documentation, ISO/ NABH Accreditation, and Quality Management, Implementation of 5S / Six Sigma, Corporate Social Responsibility and Integration / Mainstreaming of Community Health Services.

I am a fully qualified medical graduate (MBBS) from Orissa, with management training from CDC Atlanta and hold a qualification in Rapid Assessment of Health Programs through University of Washington. I have a Diploma in Hospital Administration and a Masters in Hospital Administration.

Professional Experience
(Total no. of years post-qualification experience - 21 years)


{C}{C}{C}1.     {C}{C}General Manager (Business Development & Strategy) at DJVOW Limited (Oct-2012-Current)

I am a part of the DJVOW Corporate team, which is a Healthcare Consultancy & Service Provider Firm as GM (Business Development & Strategy), with an overall post qualification experience of 21 years. I am interested in the creation of new and innovative Business verticals in the healthcare industry with a focus on Quality Operational Processes in the field of Managed Healthcare Operations under Public Private Partnerships.

DJVOW Limited is the healthcare division of the Jain TV Group Companies, and is today one of the leaders in the field of Healthcare Consulting and Mobile Health Operations. DJVOW is working across several states of India as Technical Service Providers and Support Partners to State NRHM Divisions.

My primary responsibility as GM (BD & OS) is to – Promote Operational Strategy, Brand Development and Revenue, Developed Brand Strategy and MIS systems, Strategic Consulting including Business Plan & Scale Up Strategy Development, Identifying & Advising on new business verticals, drafting quality policies and structuring commercial transactions.

Specialties: Business Development, Operational Strategy, Operations Management, Hospital Management & Administration, Quality, NABH, Training & Developmental Sector Health Program Management, Public Health Management


{C}{C}{C}2.     {C}{C}GM Operations (Octavo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.)-July 2011 to Oct.-2012

Octavo is one of the leading and the largest Healthcare Consulting firms in South East Asia implementing 217 projects all over India and the South East Region. It is promoted by Dr. Bidhan Das a pioneer in quality and accreditation in India.

As the General Manager Operations I am primarily responsible for ensuring the time bound implementation of Projects in the area of Healthcare Consulting, Accreditation of Hospitals (NABH & ISO), Project Planning, Knowledge Management and Public Health.

Key Result Areas

  1. Operational Management of 1800 Multi Specialty beds across 4 states
  2. Implemented Quality Assurance Projects leading to Accreditation by NABH & ISO, under a tripartite agreement with Govt. of India at 143 sites across 7 states of India.
  3. Increased EBITA by 16% in third quarter
  4. Implemented Institutional Audit under ISO
  5. Hospital Project Planning of 2500 beds across 3 states


{C}{C}{C}3.     {C}{C}Primus Super Specialty Hospital NOIDA (Oct-2008 to July 2011)

Head of Medical Operations as Medical Superintendent

Primus Group of Hospitals includes one State of art Super Specialty Surgical Hospital at Delhi and One International Super Specialty Hospital at Abuja, Nigeria. These two units are supported by multiple Super Specialty Clinics in the Delhi NCR.

As the MS of PSSH, New Delhi it was my primary duty to ensure seamless day to day medical operations and functioning of the hospital with a special focus on Specialty Surgeries.

Key Result Areas

  1. Augmented revenue generation by approx. 22% to 1.8 Cr additional per month through add on programs such as the Medical Tourism & Remote Access Initiative, Telemedicine, Community Mobilisation, Domiciliary Outreach Program, ECHS/ CGHS Program, Joint Replacement Program and Specialty Initiatives for patients with Diabetes  & Obesity (Diabesity Initiative).
  2. Created Strategy, Leadership & Scope for market expansion, provider network development, credentialing and contracting in regional markets, and working towards fulfillment of all the clinical programs thereby ensuring capacity to service communities with diverse needs.
  3. Created Standardised Operational Processes under NABH guidelines and ensured optimum implementation of the same.
  4. Strengthened OPD services by creating Super Specialty OPDs
  5. Introduced bed to bed transfer of Critical patients through Aero Medical Services
  6. Reduced cost overheads through improved Energy Planning
  7. Introduced better Inventory Management at OT complex
  8. Improved key Support Services


My most significant achievement in my career as MS was in the successful NABH Accreditation of Primus Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi, which was received by Hon’able COO Dr. N. D. Khurana in the month of January 2011.



{C}{C}{C}4.     {C}{C}Fortis Hospital NOIDA        September 2006 to Oct-2008:

Head of Department-Emergency & Triage

Fortis Group of Hospitals today encompasses more than 49 hospitals in 7 States of India servicing more than 150000 patients daily across the continent.

As the Head of the Department of ER & T, it was my primary responsibility to provide Strategic Leadership & effective methodologies to a team of professionals across the unit and take forward the day to day operations and management meeting NABH Quality Standards.


Key Result Areas

  1. Increased the Operational Scope and reach of Triage & ER (Contributed 28% additional footfalls year ending 2007-2008) by increasing patient footfalls through Specialty Service Camps, Aero Medical Rescue, Telemedicine, CME, Institutional Mobilisation, Implants, Occupational Health Coverage & Training and Bed to Bed Inter Continental Transfers.
  2. Implemented Staff Workplace Initiatives for Employee Retention (By HR)  such as conducting Team Building Trainings, Happiness at Workplace, Communication, Recreational activities such as HTML and Pulse (Outdoor sports & recreation)
  3. Introduced Cost Reducing & Quality improving initiatives (Reduced inventory and CAPEX by 0.8 Cr in three units within 2 months) such as -FOS, 5 S, Sparkling, HIC and inventory management


{C}{C}{C}5.     {C}{C}MAA (Non Profit Org.):       April 2004 to Sept-2006

As National Coordinator (India) Public Health

MAA is a moderate sized voluntary organisation working on Gender, Women’s Health & Social Justice in multiple states of India.

As the National Coordinator of the organisation I supervised a team of 4 Zonal Heads with their respective financial counterparts in Strategy, Business Development, Conceptualizing, Designing and Implementing health programs.

Key result areas

{C}{C}{C}A.    {C}{C}Created verticals for Strategic Monitoring & Evaluation of NRHM based TI Programs.

{C}{C}{C}B.    {C}{C}Program Design, Development, Planning, Innovation and implementation which entailed Design & Logical Framework Analysis, Validation of Annual Operating Plans, Approving Budgets, Strategic Planning, Designing Action Research Studies, Stakeholder Analysis, Area Profiling, etc.

{C}{C}{C}C.    {C}{C}Training & Capacity building of program staff, stakeholders & govt. functionaries/ doctors


{C}{C}{C}D.    {C}{C}Disease Surveillance involved setting up a community based disease MIS.

{C}{C}{C}E.    {C}{C}Advocacy-Gender & Evidence based advocacy has been one of the strengths in my liaison with stake holders, Govt. (up to National level), policy makers, TSUs and CBOs.


{C}{C}{C}6.     {C}{C}World Health Organisation NPSP: April 1998 to March 2004:

As Surveillance MO for Muzaffarpur, Sheohar & Buxar in Bihar

Within the National Polio Surveillance Project as the SMO, I was responsible for Technical Support, Training, Monitoring & Evaluation of Govt. counterparts.

Key Result Areas

{C}{C}{C}A.    {C}{C}Provided Tactical/ Strategic direction, Leadership & Technical Support

{C}{C}{C}B.    {C}{C}Developed State level MIS and Surveillance data generation

{C}{C}{C}C.    {C}{C}Project Management & Monitoring



{C}{C}{C}7.     {C}{C}East West Aero medical Rescue:    1994 to 1998


Chief Medical Officer

East West Rescue Pvt. Ltd. Is one of the oldest Civil Aero Medical rescue units in the country serving 16 countries in the SE Asian & Eastern Region. My position as CMO incl. overall operative management.


Key Result Areas

  1. Provided Critical area operations, medical evacuations and team management. Covered 476 sorties through Fixed Wind and Rotary flying units.
  2. Successfully designed, implemented and operationalised two field hospitals (PPP Mode-Built-Operate-Transfer)) and supportive 18 field medical units for the work force at NJHEPP.
  3. Implemented Evacuation and Industrial Safety measures in the project area


{C}{C}{C}8.     {C}{C}Holy Family Hospital:         1992 to 1994

Chief Medical Officer- ICU


Key Result Areas

  1. Critical monitoring and hands on operational support to daily clinical ICU functions


Academic Qualifications:


{C}{C}{C}1.     {C}{C}Diploma in Hospital Administration

{C}{C}{C}2.     {C}{C}Masters in Hospital Administration

{C}{C}{C}3.     {C}{C}Short course in BLS & ACLS-March 2009

{C}{C}{C}4.     {C}{C}Training in Spitfire Communication Strategies using Smart Chart approach by Packard Foundation and PFI Delhi-May-09

{C}{C}{C}5.     {C}{C}Short training course in Rapid Evaluation of TI programs from DSACS March-09

{C}{C}{C}6.     {C}{C}Short training in Gender Mainstreaming by PRIA-2009

{C}{C}{C}7.     {C}{C}Training in Rapid Assessment through University of Washington & CHSJ-2008

{C}{C}{C}8.     {C}{C}Short Management Course from CDC Atlanta-2004

{C}{C}{C}9.     {C}{C}MBA in 1993

{C}{C}{C}10.  {C}{C}{C}MBBS from Utkal University-1991



Some of the Conferences/ Training Programmes / Workshops participated:


{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Internal Auditors Training-2012

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Internal Auditors Meet Delhi-2011

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Conference on Quality in Healthcare-2010 Hyderabad

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Workshop on HAI-2010

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Healthcare Project Management-2010

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}‘Hospital Project Management’ organised by IIM Ahmedabad-2008

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Preventive care & Health-2009-IRAF-NB

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Gender Mainstreaming & Role of Women in PRI-2009

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Spitfire Communication Muzaffarpur by Packard Foundation & PFI-May-2009

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Training on TI Evaluation DSACS-March-2009

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Rapid Assessment of Health Programs by CHSJ/ UNFPA-2008

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}Reproductive & Child Health organized by Packard Foundation & NFI-2008

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}ARSH workshop conducted by CMNHSA & Packard Foundation -2008

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}‘NGO Partnership’ organised by CARE India

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}‘Rights Based Approach in Development Programs’ organised by Oxfam India -2008

{C}{C}{C}§  {C}{C}{C}‘Participatory Micro Level Planning’ organised by Praxis-2008




Studies and Publications:


  • Rapid Assessment of Women accessing Abortion Services in Bihar-ARTH/ IWHC
  • Rapid Assessment on the functioning of the ASHAs at Muzaffarpur UNFPA
  • Ongoing study on RNTCP and HIV convergence issues Muzaffarpur
  • Ongoing study on morbidity pattern of school going children at Darbhanga
  • Carried out a Situational Analysis (HIV) for UNICEF at Muzaffarpur Bihar.
  • Carried out a research study “Elimination of VBD at Delhi”
  • Prepared a photo documentation of Children in India which was published by UNICEF



Extra Curricular Activities / Special Achievement / Awards / Recognition:

  • Am a professionally qualified photographer
  • Received Award for Best Workplace at Fortis Hospital NOIDA
  • I am a qualified photo documentation specialist with a special interest in Program documentation, Process documentation and health communication for the health sector projects.


Contact: draloklodh@gmail.com; Mobile: 9999335872


Relevant Experience in Years: 
CV : Download
Date of joining: 10-Feb-2015
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