Francisco Ramon Barbaran

Email: frbarbaran<at>
Date of Birth: 
2nd September, 1960
Relevant Experience in Years: 
Skill Set: 
Project/ Programme Management
Research and Analysis
Professional Details: 

CURRENT POSITION: Adjunct researcher. National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), Argentina. Field: Economy, management and public administration. Since 09/01/06.


RESPONSIBILITIES AND PRODUCTS GENERATED: I am focused in research about the use of renewable natural resources by local people, integrating those findings with socio-economic variables, within an ecosystem framework, taking in account regional development policies, conflict resolution and cultural preservation. More than 70 publications in books, scientific magazines and congresses in the following subjects: 1. Sustainability assessment about the use of renewable natural resources. 2. Evaluation of development projects. 3. Evaluation of environmental policies. 4. Analysis and monitoring of conflicts related to overlapped land claims by Indigenous people. 5. Development of programs of cultural preservation. 6. Analysis and evaluation of environmental institutions. 7. Use of natural resources by local communities. 8. Measurement of environmental perception and community development. 9. Analysis of trade chains of wild products. Consulting services given to gas and petroleum companies, the United Nations, governmental organizations, international NGOs and tourism companies, 9. HHRR selection and evaluation of research projects to allocate grants and to cover junior research positions in Argentina´s National Research Council, Area Economy, Management Sciences and Public Administration. Winner of 8 research grants (4 in the international level), Research awards: two international first awards, one provincial first award, one provincial third award and a national special mention. Winner of 25 grants to attend to congresses, courses and to make presentations in  Argentina, Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, China, France, Mexico, Namibia, Peru, Spain, Czech Republic, USA and Venezuela.


Commercial use sustainability assessment of wild resources. Sustainability evaluation. Institutional evaluation. Analysis of regional development policies. Analysis of environmental perception in native communities. Analysis and monitoring of environmental conflicts and overlapped land claims by indigenous people. Development of projects of cultural preservation and community empowerment. Experience in scientific divulgation, Outdoor journalism and environmental education. Work experience in Bolivia, Canada, Colombia, Mexico and USA.

CAREER GOAL: To bring sustainability understanding and systems thinking to decision-making, involving the natural environment. I like to analyze socio-ecological interactions and adaptation strategies in changing scenarios.

Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 13-Feb-2015
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