Lauri Honka

Email: lauri.honka<at>
Date of Birth: 
13th November, 1945
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Skill Set: 
Finance and Accounts
Professional Details: 


·         Financial management of  economic co-operation projects with international counterparts

·         Financial, operational and environmental due diligence of different investment projects, located in transitional countries (CIS-countries  and  Eastern Europe)

·         Preparing  credit decisions  in a commercial bank

·         Knowledge of accounting systems,  applied  in companies of different sizes

·         Financial planning,  business development,  feasibility studies and advisory services especially for SME-companies

·         Development of relationships with governmental and local authorities in Russia including financial institutions



·         Drafting project proposals to be financed from EU-funded programmes, especially in Northwest Russia

·         Venture capital financing, project  origination and structuring, preparing contracts

·         Advisory services for bank’s corporate customers on investment and trade financing, payment transactions, investment conditions and legislation in Eastern European countries

·          Staff training sessions in company analysis and due diligence for  architects and structural engineers

·         Development of standards for locks and related products in co-operation with the Russian standardisation organisation GOSSTROY in order to reach conformity of  products with technical regulations and standards, applied in Russian Federation

·         Acquisition of necessary approvals and conformity certificates from authorities, responsible for technologies to be applied  in different industrial sectors in CIS-countries

·         Consultance for structural engineers and architects regarding contents of Russian norms, standards and technical regulations including technical regulation reform of Russian Federation

·         Representing equipment, produced by a Swedish company Safetrack Ab in Russia, Byelorussia and Ukraine. Safetrack is leading manufacturer of electrical connection systems for railways, grounding and cathodic protection industry.





Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 17-Mar-2015
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