Maria Fernanda Sierra Perea

Email: mariafersierra<at>
Date of Birth: 
7th September, 1986
Relevant Experience in Years: 
Skill Set: 
Finance and Accounts
Monitoring and Evaluation
Project/ Programme Management
Research and Analysis
Strategic Alliances
Professional Details: 

Consultant – Oportunidad Estratégica. October 2014 – December 2014.

·       High Commissioner for Peace Office 

o 2014: Provide action oriented recommendations on how should the relations between local and national government change, how should the local level be empowered to effectively implement the post-conflict agenda, and what additional reforms should the national government pursuit.


Consultant – Compartamos con Colombia. November 2013 – September 2014. Provide action-oriented recommendations to design, reorganize or strengthen Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies in enterprises.  Interact with high-level representatives, customer management, interview relevant actors, elaborate reports and presentations.

·       UNICEF Colombia

o 2013: Design of a toolkit to strengthen CSR in medium enterprises in Colombia

·       Colombian Institute of Family Wellbeing (ICBF)

o 2012: Map the current offer of CRS addressed to childhood and youth in Colombia


Consultant – Oportunidad Estratégica Ltda. December 2009 – July 2012. Participation in projects related to local development and strategic planning. Project management, teamwork coordination, technical analysis and evaluation of policies and programs, logistic coordination for fieldwork, provide policy recommendations, interview relevant actors, elaboration of consultancy reports and presentations.


·       International Organization for Migrations (IOM):

o   2012: Formulate the Master Plan for the Youth Justice System in Colombia.

o   2011: Provide strategic guidelines for re-designing the Youth Justice System in Colombia

·       British Embassy in Colombia

o   2012: Determine the institutional design required to implement a road concessions prequalification process in Colombia

·       ANI – National Agency for Infrastructure

o   2012: Identify lessons learnt from Chile, Brazil and Peru’s road concessions prequalification process and provide recommendations to design the Colombian process

·       ESU (Major’s Office of the City of Medellin)

o   2012: Diagnose and evaluate the impact of the intervention process in the Commune No. 13 (Medellin, Colombia) to reduce crime and enhance social opportunities for the population.

·       AECOM – USAID:

o   2011: Methodological support to the workshop “Rural Inclusive Business for the Poor Population and the Population in Extreme Poverty”.

·       CAF – Development Bank of Latin America:

o   2011: Design the methodology of the workshops and provide logistical support of the “First Assembly of Supervisors of the Integrated Latin-American Market - MILA”.

·       National Ministry of Education – Colombia:

o   2010: Monitor the progress and results of the “Program to Encourage the Student Permanence in Higher Education”.

·       USAID - CREA Colombia:

o   2011: Write a case study on the impact of roads and conformation of rotary funds on the rural communities in Meta.

o   2010/2011: Formulate a strategic plan for a rural development strategy in the prioritized municipalities of the departments of Caquetá, Nariño, and Cordoba.

o   2010: Prepare a Technical Study to determine the desired organizational design of the Integral Action Consolidation Centre – CCAI.

o   2009/2010: Formulate the strategy and the correspondent organizational structure for the Integral Action Consolidation Centre – CCAI, which seeks to enhance integral rural development in prioritized municipalities in Colombia.


Commercial and Marketing Director – Colombian Youth Network (RECOJO). June 2007 – March 2009. (Pro Bono) Responsibilities: Definition of new business units, design and implementation of commercial strategies, team management, strategic alliances management and costumer management. 

Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 17-Mar-2015
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