Sigitas Brazinskas

Email: sigitas.brazinskas<at>
Date of Birth: 
3rd March, 1964
Relevant Experience in Years: 
Skill Set: 
Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Education Advising
Monitoring and Evaluation
Project/ Programme Management
Training and Capacity Building
Professional Details: 

 Deep policy analysis and development linked to international integration for institutions and private sector, institutional building programmes implementation in developed and developing countries, awareness of bilateral economic and international relations, enterprises and SMEs competitiveness policies; 
 In depth understanding and expertise with European Union, United Nations, World Bank and other international programmes and donors, project management and reporting expertise;
 More than 20 years of proven direct working experience for international development in Eastern Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Central Asia (Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan), more than 26 years of proven overall experience in international development in private and public sectors;
 Skills and competence to prepare and implement methodologies, road maps on related policies;
 Deep expertise in program and project management abroad: design and work plan, objective set up, inception phase, implementation, analysis of results, competence in project cycle management, co-ordination, monitoring, evaluation and reporting;
 Comprehensive competence in international marketing, trade facilitation, FDI promotion, technology and innovation transfer and commercialisation, national and regional branding and promotion, partner search, regional development, regional economic integration;
 Solid experience in development and supervision of industrial digital platforms, digital marketing application, digital economy transformation and web-development, circular economy principles application through analysis and digital solutions interventions on international business development;
 Ability to work in sensitive political and economic areas under non-standard conditions and deep mediation as well as negotiation skills;
 Experience to promote international linkages in agro, food and beverages since January 2015, representing market place to promote products and services, build export capacities, strategic communication, outreach campaigns, SMEs capacities development, training,    
 Digital development and transformation by maintaining and supervising a digital platform for technical cooperation facilitation since July 2017, Industry 4.0 approach, strategic communication, outreach campaigns, members recruitment, SMEs capacities development, training,    
 Designed training courses on export planning, trade capacity development and entry strategies, global trade, barriers and tariffs, FDI promotion, market access and research, e-communication, working across cultures, value chain management, regional economics, human resource development, training includes vocational sphere;
 Implementation of international market strategies for SMEs, training and consulting, capacity building (institutional, organizational and SMEs), analyses of barriers (tariff and non-tariff), deep experience in business consultancy, support of professional / commercial / advisory bodies;
 Comprehensive experience in value and supply chain management, sustainable development as trade, energy, transport;
 Deep understanding of industry, business, SMEs, research and development, prototyping through international on-line engineering collaboration platform, ability to combine engineering and international business skills and competence and apply in practice, training and capacity building;
 Strong economic, educational, public and private background, advising to national governments, international organizations, public authorities and industry, applied micro-economic skills, ability to facilitate and manage technical workshops;
 Publications, training and education material, international forums and conferences arrangement;
 Ability to process statistical data, carry on research, surveys, analysis, interviews, compile questionnaires and provide with recommendations for improvements and implementations;   
 Strong analytical, communication, management, negotiation, diplomatic, report writing and didactic skills;
 Ability to communicate and work in a multicultural environment and in a team, staff supervision, management skills (project and information managers, trained trainees), to draft clearly and concisely, good written and oral command of English and Russian;
 More than 20 years of industrial cooperation development, nine years of direct experience in electric engineering with training certificate and electric safety category examination (highest category, 2017);
 ISO 9000:2000 QMS internal auditor certificate;
 R&D expertise, available Patent on Organic Light Emitting Diodes (OLED, joint working group with universities, 2007, LT 5444 B).

Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 05-Feb-2021
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