Simeon T. NUMBEM (PhD)

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Date of Birth: 
8th October, 1958
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Skill Set: 
Business Development/ Resource Mobilization
Project/ Programme Management
Research and Analysis
Training and Capacity Building
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I          OBJECTIVES                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Promoting Innovative financing of market-oriented and investment-led MSME, SMEs and corporate Agribusinesses through Value chains: with microfinance, commercial and investment banking, debts, risk / venture capital, leasing, micro-leasing, guarantee and insurance instruments;
  • Investment promotion of Micro, MSME, SME, BDS &Enterprise Incubation Development and Financing from very small, small, SMEs and corporate (agribusiness, forestry management, ecotourism, commerce, and (NFTPs) non-timber forest products, along the value chain using the ‘training with financing approach;
  • Food security and Sustainable Development helping governments and organizations translate sustainability concepts into practical realities – project identification, formulation and design of local, national and regional development projects.


II            SUMMARY PROFILE / QUALIFICATION DOMAINS                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  • Agribusiness project identification, formulation and design with the landscape and value chain approach
    • Designing value chains for agribusiness and natural resources promotion including value chain crop mapping procedures integrated with land evaluation and land use techniques and the identifications of leverages points (points of weaknesses that would likely boost productivity);
    • Designing value chain finance products, with the integration of financial and business models along mapped valued chains, with business cycles to match financial products such (warehouse receipt, guarantee instruments (DCA) and debt-leverage);
    • Modeling climate change mainstreaming: economics of natural resources management, mitigation adaptation to REDD+, Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), renewable energy and green financing.
  • Agribusiness finance Lending
    • Use of Debts, Venture and risk capital, guarantee instruments (MGA, the Master Guarantee Agreement) of American EXIM Bank and Afriland First Bank/government of Cameroon, and contingency funds in project development;
    • Creation of Investment Funds: participated in the creation and putting in place of CENAINVEST (the Central African Investment Fund), a Central African-wide Venture Capital Fund that targets SMEs at growth stage, targeting missing middle financing;
    • Management of Investment Funds (Millennium Management Fund) based in Mauritius Island): Euro 14 million capital; targets SMEs at growth stages, with 10 SMEs portfolio;
    • Creation and implementation of the MITFUND (risk Capital Fund), micro-venture for Micro, small and medium size enterprises, with over 180 enterprises created.
  • Microfinance and Rural Finance
    • MFI Product Development & Best practices Assessment of MFIs: Assessing the performance of MFIs based on best practice indicators (CGAP and SEEP criteria). evaluating and monitoring institutions, household and community level financial services;
    • MFI Institutional Development &Management: Step by step procedures from conceptual formulation, creation and implantation of both commercial & development-oriented MFIs: created more than 20 MFIs;
    • Rural Finance: Modeling with the integration of microfinance in microenterprise development, especially financial products to agriculture, including livestock, food and forest management, ecotourism, non-timber forest products, water distribution, rural electrification.
  • Fund management:
    • Creation and management of Microfinance Institutions (more than 20 MFIs)
    • Creation and management of Investment Funds (CENAINVEST, MIT FUND (Microventure),
    • Creation and management of Agricultural Investment Funds
  • Private sector Investment promotion (Micro, MSME, SMEs and Corporate enterprises)
    • Business model development and incubation for farmer organizations, NGOs and professional organizations along the value chain approach for NFTP (Non timber forest products)
    • Business Plan Development for MFIs (CGAP and SEEP model). Creating and assisting MFIs forecast their development needs based on savings mobilizations, business services and other financial services; 
    • Women Entrepreneur Development extending microcredit to women groups and the creation of microenterprises; training of women entrepreneurs.
  • Management Training & Capacity development for sustainable development
    • Development of Training Materials for local developments that integrates local dwellers to environmental resources management strategies;
    • Training the trainers with development of training materials and training of trainers in of Loan officers to better finance agricultural development, natural and environmental resources with national MFIs, AFRACA and USAID/IRG/PCE in Senegal;
    • Demonstrated ability in facilitating, organizing, moderating, and planning of conferences, seminars, workshops and round tables.
    • Writing & and Soft-skill Development: Writing, publishing and training of trainers in business plan development, financial product development, development of performance indicators,    feasibility studies, financial analysis, financial ratios and sustainable financing
Relevant Experience in Years: 
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Date of joining: 17-Mar-2015
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