Subir Kumar Pradhan

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1st April, 1956
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Project/ Programme Management
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Suitability Note; my educational qualification is Master of Science Degree from a premier Institution of Agriculture Sciences within the country in India. In recent past I have undergone a few courses on ‘Participatory Training Methods’, appreciation course on ‘Social Inclusion’ and  ‘Participatory research and monitoring & evaluation from ‘Participatory Research in Asia’, Delhi [in collaboration with Victoria University of Canada for last two courses] besides other several training programs including ‘participatory rural appraisals’ and ‘leadership development’.

Right now since last January 2006, I am employed as the ‘Community Development Manager’ at The Brooke, India an affiliate of The Brooke, UK, a global welfare charity. Intervention in respect of empowering poor communities, my contribution at Brooke India and Brooke International as well has been very much effective towards bringing desired changes in livelihoods of poorest of the poor communities of the society. I was involved in organizing workshops in other countries along-with head community programme of The Brooke UK where The Brooke is working to effect community engagement approaches namely Egypt, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Kenya including international workshops with the members of all the Brooke country programmes. My work at Brooke has been found to be rewarding and very much productive. However, I wish to expand my career further into broader arena of civil society organizations. This opportunity for me relates strongly to the skills and experiences I have gained so far working with International NGO at the senior management level.


I do have extensive experiences of over thirty years in agriculture, rural and social development in different states in India.  I was instrumental to produce a series of evidences of various mechanisms of strengthening civil society organization towards sustainable development. Community organizations have been facilitated and strengthened at local level and sustained so that they can control the decisions that affect growth and welfare of their own life. Do have field level experiences in community mobilization, addressing gender issues, community innovations, development and implementation of various participatory methodologies such as Participatory Rural Appraisal, Participatory Learning and Action, and Participatory Action Research. I was being instrumental in developing various strategies and operational framework for bottom-up micro planning with the poor communities and stakeholders, monitoring and evaluation of various development projects. Developed operational framework of village level exit strategy using participatory approaches and methodologies towards sustaining development initiatives in long run without support agencies through local level community based organizations.


I have been instrumental in ensuring formation and management of community based organizations and various capacity building initiatives. Similarly nurturing and strengthening of such mechanisms towards self- reliance by way of clustering such local level self -help groups at block and district levels to address macro level issues from their own. I have organized several capacity building interventions for senior, middle and field level project staff and poor communities on various aspects of community participation, gender, and self-reliant community based organizations and sustainable livelihoods.  Besides I have been applying seven steps experiential learning cycle following adult learning principles in such workshops and capacity building interventions so as to optimise effectiveness towards empowering participants for improving their own problem solving capacity. Contribute in several studies on gender to formulate appropriate strategy for addressing identified gender issues and capacity building interventions in Gender and sustainable agriculture for staff and rural poor communities.


I have been all along involved in preparation of five year strategic plans in the present assignment twice for preparing country strategic plans for the period 2010-2015 and 2015-20 respectively. All along my contribution towards strengthening organization profile and building partnership programme in respective areas of interventions have been found to be highly effective. Effectively strategizing programme interventions for empowering target groups and managing implementation has been proved to be very much successful being a senior management team member in the organisations. Preparation of annual plans with forecasting and budgeting with the other functional heads every year has been one of the important responsibility to carry out my job responsibility. Similarly every year completed satisfactorily compliance of budgets and funds utilization according to proposed annual plan for execution of programme directly and through local civil society organizations.    


In my present assignment partnerships development with 22 local civil society organizations is being carried out in 10 states within the country. l Worked extensively in 20 districts during my tenure in World Bank funded Sodic Lands Reclamation Project as state level in-charge of participatory management division towards effecting policy interventions in community participation. The basic objective of the project was to alleviate rural poverty through lands reclamation. Community organizations were facilitated at local level and sustained so that they can control the decisions that effect on their own livelihoods through involvement of local civil society organisation. The programme was executed through local civil society organization throughout the state of Uttar Pradesh. Budgeting, forecasting, planning for partnership including selection and placement of local civil society organizations was part of my assignment. Once local civil society organizations are placed, selection and deployment of staff has been carried out time to time according to requirement.  There have been good relationships with funding agencies and pursued for various opportunities according to requirement.


I have been part of concurrent annual impact assessment and review implantation of programme interventions in both direct and partnerships. Developed appropriate design and delivered a series of innovative participatory tools and techniques for monitoring and evaluation of processes and outcome of programme interventions involving local civil society organizations towards social accountability.  Evidences are produced right at the community level in affecting such tools and techniques. Participatory learning followed by actions was always been built in mechanisms in a concurrent manner which not only built capacity of stakeholders but also empower them and bring more ownership of the programme. Done impact evaluation studies in World Bank funded UP Diversified Agriculture Support Project, which was executed in 32 districts in Uttar Pradesh, India. Similarly I was also key functionary in assessment of participatory management process of World Bank funded Sodic lands Reclamation project in Uttar Pradesh in India.


Being a team member my effort was to inculcate team spirit between multidisciplinary team members and take them all along to gain positive contributions from each team members based on their own strengths. About thirteen years worked in a national project namely Krishi Vigyan Kendra (Farm Science Centre) of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), government of India under a national level NGO in two states, out of which ten years being the head of the project. Being leader of a team of scientists I was engaged in creating enabling situation to rural poor towards owning development process in various agriculture and allied livelihoods pursuits. During the period I was key professional in various livelihoods interventions for rural tribal and others as head of the World Bank funded rubber project in Tripura and Netherlands government funded irrigation project in West Bengal in India.


I was a National Trainer of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, government of India and undergone special training courses on Experiential Learning Cycle, Participatory Training Methodology and Technology Assessment & Refinement. In turn I was involved in organizing training of scientists at national level on the above subjects. Carried out several capacity building interventions for various level project staff and farmers on various aspects of sustainable agriculture, community mobilization and community based organizations.


Developed and used various techniques of personality as well as organization development through shared learning to enable individuals/organizations to change and transform from one level of functioning to another. I have always been proved to be an excellent inspirer to support field functionaries not only to achieve desired objectives but also to become successful in their own profession and as an individual human being.


I am comfortable working under pressure and working with international and multidisciplinary staff. I enjoy travelling and have strong computer (and internet/email) skills. I am passionate about my work, self-motivated and have the ability to work with minimal supervision. I am an inspirer and organizer and these skills have enabled me to effectively defuse problem situations within team members.

Accepting challenges is the foundation of my life experiences and something I do with confidence. You will find me a committed individual with pride in being direct, spontaneous and communicative. I can fluently speak Hindi, English and Bengali too. At this stage of my career, I wish to widen horizons of my work for more challenging tasks and professional growth and therefore my salary expectation is always been secondary than scope of work.

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Date of joining: 13-Feb-2015
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