2021-22 City Youth Sports Grant Program

Last date: 
Friday, October 29, 2021
United States

Detailed Description

The City Youth Sports Grant Program (CYS or the Program), administered by the Departments of City of Pittsburgh, is designed to provide grants to:

  • Help local sports programs serving young people within the city improve and expand their programming to more participants.
  • Support programs to remove any barriers to participation and make it easier for these teams to operate
  • Formalize partnerships between local sport programs and the City of Pittsburgh (City).

The Program is intended to assist nonprofit and community-based organizations with local sports programs that serve children and young people in the City of Pittsburgh, recognizing how important youth sports is to the development of a child as well as the engagement of communities. This funding is meant to catalyze new programs, close funding gaps for existing programs and expanding the access these sports programs to more young people

  • The intention of this program is to increase the grantee’s ability to provide high quality programming to more young people and remove any barriers to participation.

Funding Information

  • The Program will fund proposals from youth sports organizations for up to $10,000 per awardee.
  • Groups will successful proposals will only be able to apply for funding every two years.

Eligible Activities

Allowable uses for this funding would include the following:

  • Non-personalized uniforms (this would be for shared uniforms or playing gear)
  • Playing Equipment (this would be for shared equipment that the team would own that would enhance the participant’s playing experience )
  • Purchasing and/ or Leasing Play Time within the City
  • Beautification of Play Space (this includes regular land maintenance, purchase of equipment upgrades, etc)
  • Transportation (this would be for reimbursement of transportation, purchase of ConnectCards for players to attend games etc)
  • Hotel/Lodging expenses for travel to out of city competitions, expositions, etc.
  • Trophies and Awards (that would be in the possession of the team and not as gifts to participants)
  • Construction of new play places (this would necessitate the appropriate permits and approval in advance of the grant award)
  • Reimbursement for any allowable use from the previous playing season

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a program that serves youth aged 21 and under
  • A majority of participants must be city residents
  • A majority of games must be played or hosted in the City of Pittsburgh
  • Must be a 501c3 organization or in the process of receiving their non-profit designation
  • Must provide proof of completed safety trainings (CPR, first aid and water safety if applicable)
  • Must be in existence for two seasons
  • Must provide proof of Act 33 clearance for all adults involved in the program


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