4th Batch of the EdTech Incubator Helsinki Program

EdTech Incubator Helsinki

Relevent Country: Finland

Applications are now open for the 4th Batch of the EdTech Incubator Helsinki Program 2023, a free 19-week incubator program for the best EdTech innovations. With the help of experienced business and education professionals, you can grow your idea into a valuable, scalable and international business concept.

The incubator program consists of thematic weeks and provides participating teams and companies a targeted path to profitable business in domestic and foreign markets. The program includes team workshops, mentoring sprint assignments and keynote speeches and strong network support during the journey. The incubator is collaborated by an extensive network of business and educational experts.

The program starts with the basics of design thinking and ends with a final event where attendees get to pitch their idea to important stakeholders like investors, mentors and corporations. After each program attendees are guided into their deal flow services, targeted for startups in different stages from idea to innovation.


  • Week 1: Bootcamp (9.1.-15.1.2023)
  • Goals, orientation, the philosophy of agility and pitching.
  • Week 2: Defining the problem and the customer
  • Value creation based on identifying and empathising with the customer.
  • Weeks 3-4: Validation and fast experimentation
  • Validating the customer’s pain points with practical experiments.
  • Weeks 5-6: Concept and business plan development
  • Concept and business plan development based on fast experimentation and validation.
  • Weeks 7-8: Pedagogical design
  • The learning experience of EdTech solutions.
  • Weeks 9-10: Financial management
  • Implementation of the business plan, budgeting and cash flow management.
  • Week 11: Mid-term feedback
  • Your 1-1 meetings with HEH advisors.
  • Weeks 12-13: Sales
  • Building a sales strategy, sales processes and tools.
  • Week 14-15: Marketing
  • Building marketing strategy, branding and marketing materials, digital marketing for startups.
  • Weeks 16-17: Pitching
  • Upgrading the pitch, building and performing the pitch deck.
  • Week 18: Team and network
  • Building up a winning team and utilising business support services in Finland. Global operations and cash flow management.
  • Week 19: Program Final Week
  • Creation and overview of an action plan for the future. Reflection and goal monitoring for the future. Feedback session. Networking event and pitching for the big audience and investors. Celebration of the growth journey!

Eligibility Criteria

Apply with a team of at least two people and a well prepared business idea. If your team is located abroad, make sure you are ready to register your company and IPR in Helsinki.

Your team should also have motivation and some background work done. The business idea should meet at least one of the following requirements:

  • A new product or service that has novelty value in the education field
  • A business idea that is based on innovative technology
  • A clearly defined problem that your solution answers
  • A business plan with an implementation strategy
  • The motivation to turn your idea into a business and commitment to the 19-week program.
  • There will be plenty of activity and support available each week. Minimum participation for the incubator requires half a day of attendance each week and completing the sprint assignments related to each week’s topic. They hope that at least two members from your team can join the weekly programs. The weekly workshops are usually arranged on Monday afternoon.

International teams

  • In order for international teams to participate in the incubator program, they expect you to register your company in Helsinki. The city of Helsinki offers soft-landing services and they recommend that you contact them even before you submit your application. In order for international teams to land in Helsinki, there are a few criteria they should meet;
  • 30 000€ existing funding
  • MVP of the solution
  • Market pull identified and need validated
  • A team of preferably at least 2 persons

Source: https://educationhubhelsinki.fi/edtech-incubator-helsinki/