Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund

Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund

Relevent Country: Jordan

The Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund invites proposals for programs that explore and identify innovative solutions to long-standing challenges in vulnerable and refugee youth education that can improve impact at scale.

The Fund in its fifth round will support high impact education programs at the secondary and vocational levels of education and upskilling opportunities that are aligned with the market demand for Arab refugee and vulnerable youth in Jordan or Lebanon.

The Fund awards grants to education institutions and non-governmental organizations working with refugee youth and vulnerable host community youth. Through innovative solutions, this round aims to increase access to quality education that leads to improved livelihoods. It aims to fund successful programs that support young people in completing secondary formal education as well as supporting post-secondary programs that broaden access to accredited or industry recognized certifications that lead to elevated livelihoods.

Types of Grants

In its fifth round of grant cycle, the Fund will prioritize two types of programs:

  • Upskilling Refugee and Vulnerable Youth
  • Programs that aim to fill the skill gap with focus on Technology, Green/Energy, and Health sectors through the provision of accredited and/or industry recognized certifications that pave the way for better job or livelihood opportunities for refugees and vulnerable host community youth.
  • Broadening Access to Secondary Education
  • Programs that focus on supporting refugee youth and vulnerable host community youth to access, stay in and/or complete formal schooling through innovative educational programs. Programs must have an academic strengthening focus, and can also include counselling, psychosocial support, and extracurricular activities. Priority will be given to innovative programs that utilize technology and have potential to scale.

Funding Information

  • The Grant amount should be determined by considering your project’s scope, outreach requirements, and the number of targeted youths/students, the funding allocation can be tailored to suit the specific proposal being put forward.
  • Indirect program costs – the Fund will allow up to 7% of total cost of the program to be assigned to indirect costs if they are related to the program and are supported with strong justification.
  • The Fund will not cover infrastructure or building costs or maintenance.
  • The Fund will consider technology costs that are directly linked to the program, which could include systems, software, equipment, connectivity, and devices.
  • Proof that the grant request does not exceed the size of the yearly operating budget of the applicant
  • Who will the Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair Refugee Education Fund Benefit?
  • The Fund targets 50% vulnerable refugee youth in Jordan and Lebanon and 50% of vulnerable youth in host communities with a focus on female participation (+40% of the targeted youth). Beneficiaries should be in the age range that corresponds to the secondary, vocational, and tertiary education levels (age group: 14 to 35 years of age).

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must:

  • Have experience in at least 1 successfully completed program with refugees that is aligned with at least one of the Fund’s areas of priority.
  • Be able to demonstrate proof of concept that the program or pilot has had significant impact and has potential to scale.
  • Provide previous evaluations of the proposed program and other relevant programs, as appropriate.
  • Be a non-profit organization, educational institutions (both private and not for profit) or social enterprises.
  • Have a valid up-to date registration in Jordan or Lebanon.
  • Not be affiliated with a political party or have political objectives.
  • Have approval from relevant local government or process in place to implement proposed program.
  • Have internal procedures and policies that allow them to follow the Fund’s financial and technical reporting requirements; and
  • Have capacity to plan, implement, and evaluate programs of the scale proposed.

Program Requirements

  • All programs must have co-funding of at least 25%;
  • Duration of the program can range from 1 to 2 years;
  • Proposed programs can only address one of the areas of priorities listed under the Fund priority programs section;
  • Proposed programs can be in Jordan or Lebanon, but only one proposal per organization per country; and
  • For programs in the upskilling priority area, priority will be given to programs that already have private sector partners to ensure employment pathways (i.e., remote, full time, part-time, freelancing or internships).

Source: https://refugee-educationfund.org/en/the-abdul-aziz-al-ghurair-refugee-education-fund-call-for-proposals-5th-round/