Accelerating Catalytic Solutions for Young People

Call for Solutions

Relevent Country: India

YuWaah (Generation Unlimited in India) at UNICEF and the 10to19: Dasra Adolescents Collaborative have partnered together for a Joint Call for Solutions and are seeking to support a pool of solution providers with the potential of creating transformational delta change that can be accelerated to positively impact youth leadership, economic opportunities, and civic participation in India.

This Joint Call for Solutions aims to achieve nationwide socio-economic impact, which requires multi-sectoral coordination across Government, civil society, private sector and, most importantly, young people. Constituting one third of India’s population, young people (10-24) are the force driving much of positive change in the country.  Meaningful partnership with young people is at the heart of all that they do at YuWaah and 10to19.

By jointly supporting promising solutions, YuWaah and 10to19 hope to:

  • Ensure that young people are centered in innovative programs and practices;
  • Accelerate impact through scale-up of solutions;
  • Promote cross-learning and collaboration among stakeholders; reduce duplication and break silos;
  • Encourage innovation and breakthroughs;
  • And create new and practice-based knowledge for the sector.

Themes for Solutions

  • The themes for this year’s joint call for solutions seek solutions that address the current whitespaces in a diverse range of areas, such as entrepreneurship and youth centrality. These themes center on the demands of young people and successful solutions will demonstrate the potential of collaborative impact.
  • Entrepreneurship for Young People;
  • Enabling Employment Opportunities for young women;
  • Career Guidance Solutions to Enable Informed Career Decision Making;
  • Models and practices for Building Youth-Centric Governance and Planning.
  • General Instructions before Applying 
  • Solutions are impactful initiatives that fall under their select thematic areas with demonstrated proof of concept that has the potential to scale up in a sustainable fashion, when supported in their journey;
  • Please read the themes carefully before applying. Though the themes can be intersectional, they request you to kindly prioritize one theme as an overarching focus per application. If you wish to apply for more than one theme, please fill out separate applications;
  • Keep your answers as succinct as possible. Please adhere to the word limits of specific questions;
  • You will also have the opportunity to upload photos, case studies, etc. of your Solution. Please keep relevant materials ready on shared links and paste these links in the form;
  • Please note the deadlines for each theme, as they may be different;
  • Please feel free to respond in the language you prefer.


  • 1 Jan 2023 (Entrepreneurship for Young People, Enabling Employment Opportunities for young women);
  • 15 Jan 2023 (Career Guidance Solutions to Enable Informed Career Decision Making);
  • 25 Jan 2023 (Models and practices for Building Youth-Centric Governance and Planning).