ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation Grant Program


Relevent Country: New Zealand

The ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation Grant Program is now open to applications!

Since inception in 2000, the ANZ New Zealand Staff Foundation has distributed over $8.5 million in community grants to more than 960 charities and community projects nationwide.

Funding Information

  • A maximum of $25,000 can be requested by each charity per funding round.

Funding Criteria

  • The Foundation supports registered New Zealand charities whose work fulfills one or more of the following purposes:
  • To assist in the promotion of financial literacy.
  • To provide opportunities for all New Zealanders to achieve economic and social independence.
  • To provide access to learning opportunities that prepare people for meaningful work and a high quality of life.
  • To assist people working together to create viable and secure communities.
  • To assist communities to conserve New Zealand’s natural and historic resources.

What they don’t fund?

  • Schools.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Endowments.
  • Fundraising events or campaigns.
  • Fixed assets, including equipment unless the equipment is critical to the operation of your organisation, e.g. hospice funding requests for medical equipment to assist patients with home-based care.
  • Capital investment, e.g. new buildings.
  • Normal operating and administration costs, including salaries. However, consideration will be given to funding the cost of providing specialist services, e.g. funding for 20 one-hour sessions with a specialist counsellor at an hourly rate per session.
  • Debt repayment and operating budget deficits.
  • Costs of attending overseas conferences.
  • Travel costs, e.g. national and international airfares.
  • Organisations that ANZ New Zealand is already sponsoring.
  • Organisations that have already received funding from the Foundation in the previous 12 months.
  • Charitable projects that are not New Zealand based.