Arts for Health & Wellbeing Programme

Wandsworth’s Arts

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Wandsworth’s Arts & Culture Service is launching a new Arts for Health & Wellbeing programme, to add a cultural offer to the existing Social Prescribing programme in the borough.

How Arts for Health and Wellbeing fit into the wider Social Prescribing context:

  • Social Prescribing is a holistic approach to healthcare that brings together the social and medical models of health and wellness. It provides a formal pathway for health providers to address the diverse determinants of health, using the familiar and trusted environments of GP practices, health visitors and other primary care professionals to refer people to a range of local, non-clinical services.
  • In Wandsworth, two providers are already offering Social Prescribing programmes: Enable Leisure & Culture and Surrey Physio. Wandsworth’s Arts and Culture Service are now seeking to complement those programmes with a cultural offer, in partnership with Wandsworth Public Health and Wandsworth Integrated Care System.

Priority Areas

Priority areas have been identified via the Greater London Authority’s Wellbeing Probability Scores as follow:

Phase one: projects that are already running or ready to start straight away

  • Falconbrook
  • Shaftesbury & Queenstown
  • Roehampton
  • + The Nine Elms Opportunity Area (Wandsworth section)

Strategic Priorities

Applications should demonstrate arts content and meet one or more of the following strategic priorities, as defined by Public Health:

  • Mental Health, linked to suicide, social isolation and dementia
  • Long term conditions like diabetes, cardiovascular disease and falls
  • Lifestyle and behaviours: healthy eating and physical activity, smoking and alcohol consumption
  • Air quality and Climate change
  • Cancer screening and immunization

Funding Information

  • You can apply for awards between £500 and £10,000.
  • Please note that you will be required to share the evaluation report of a previous project in order to be eligible to apply for more than £5,000.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Applications are open to organisations, partnerships and individuals that demonstrate how they meet the criteria of the grant, provided the proposed activity takes place between November 2022 and April 2024 and are fully budgeted.
  • The fund is unable to support profit making ventures, fundraising activities and capital
  • Applicants do not have to be based in Wandsworth. However, the proposal must take place in the borough and benefit Wandsworth residents.
  • Applicants who were awarded WGF monies or a WAF grant in the past 3 years but failed to produce an evaluation report may not apply.

Assessment Criteria

  • Artistic quality
  • Strategic fit: does your project address at least one of our strategic priorities? How so?
  • Deliverability: project timeframe, partners, venue and collaborators
  • Impact: who will benefit from your project and how so? How will you measure it?
  • Value for money
  • Note: Wandsworth Council reserves the right to prioritise proposals that fill existing gaps in provision.