BIRN Albania Opens Call for Investigations on Healthcare

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network

Relevent Country: Albania

Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN) Albania launched a call for investigative stories, offering grants for three journalists to produce articles on the private and public health systems in Albania.

BIRN is offering grants for three journalists to cover stories on the healthcare system, as well as mentoring by experienced editors.

The call is part of the project ‘Promoting Accountability through Investigative Journalism’, supported by the National Endowment for Democracy, NED.

This project aims to build bridges between journalists, experts and civil society activists so they can strengthen the fight against corruption and impunity through investigative journalism.

Three journalists will be awarded grants to cover their expenses while conducting investigations and writing stories on topics related to the private and public health systems in Albania.

The journalists will have around three months to dig deeper and research their ideas, and will also have the opportunity to work with experienced editors as mentors to guide them through the process of writing in accordance with BIRN standards.


Priority in the selection will be given to proposals that include one of the following topics, suggested as priority during a round table organized between journalists and civil society representatives during the month of September:

  • Quality and safety of drugs marketed in Albania;
  • Lack of drugs and/or equipment for the treatment of serious diseases;
  • Lack of doctors in regional and municipal hospitals;
  • Inequalities in access and receiving health services;
  • Hospital waste management;
  • Concessions in the health sector and the ability of public institutions to monitor their applicability;
  • Absences in the palliative service in Albania for the support of chronic patients;
  • The cost of treating diabetic patients in the country;
  • The decline in vaccine coverage against Covid-19 in Albania: the causes and the role of doctors in this process;
  • Using the budget allocated for the support of patients with Covid-19 treated at home, etc.

Funding Information

  • Selected applicants, who will receive a stipend of USD 1,200 (minus personal income tax), will have a period of three months to complete their research and prepare the article for publication.

 Eligibility Criteria

  • The right to apply is available to all journalists in Albania, employed by other media or freelancers.
  • Applicants may submit more than one application, but only one proposal per candidate will be selected.