Call for Applications for Grant from the Fund for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid

Central Project Management Agency

Relevent Country: Nigeria

The Central Project Management Agency is accepting applications for Grant from the Fund for Development Cooperation and Humanitarian Aid.

Select and finance projects that meet the strategic directions of Lithuanian development cooperation and the concepts approved by the Development cooperationand humanitarian aid fund board.

Funded Activities

Development cooperation and humanitarian aid fund hereby calls to submit project applications for the implementation of these concepts:

  • Digital transformation in Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana
  • Support for the strengthening of Armenia’s administrative and institutional capacity
  • Development of a clean environment in Armenia through the development a sustainable waste sorting system
  • Republic of Armenia in the field of transport safety and competition
  • Support for the development of national identity of Belarusians
  • Economic and social empowerment of Iraqi youth
  • Innovating for sustainable development
  • Strengthening the resistance to disinformation in eastern partnership countries of the European Union while giving a special focus to independent media
  • Support for the strengthening of the administrative and institutional capacity of Ukraine, the republic of Moldova and Georgia in the field of euro integration
  • Support for Ukrainian citizens suffering from the war in Ukraine
  • Support for the strengthening of Uzbekistan’s education system in the field of digitalization
  • The project application should meet all the requirements set out in the concepts. If the requirements set out in the concept are not met, the project application is rejected and the project cannot be financed.
  • Activities financed by the Fund must achieve the goals and objectives specified in the concept, for the implementation of which the project is submitted.
  • The costs of the project must be rational, reasonable, in accordance with the principle of economy. Funds cannot be used to finance the purchase of weapons, military and other equipment, nuclear technology not intended for peaceful purposes, luxury goods, services or gifts, and other activities contrary to the interests of Lithuania’s foreign policy.

Funding Information

  • Total budget of the call: 800 000 EUR
  • Maximum grant applied: 100 000 EUR

Project Grant Rate

  • The grant rate is up to 90% of the total eligible expenditure of a project.
  • The minimum grant applied for shall not be less than 20.000 EUR
  • The maximum grant applied for shall not be more than 100.000 EU

Duration of the Projects

  • Up to 12 months, if the total cost of the project is less than 50.000 EUR
  • Up to 24 months, if the total cost of the project is more than 50.000 EUR

Eligibility Criteria

  • Lithuanian and foreign legal persons, organizations, their subdivisions, and individuals are invited to submit project applications.
  • The applicant must have partner(s) in the partner country where the project is implemented. A partner in a partner country is not required for activities related to democracy support. Legal entities of Lithuania and foreign countries, other organizations, their divisions and natural persons can be partners of the project. The number of project partners is not limited.
  • Evaluation
  • Evaluation of projects shall be organized by the Central Project Management Agency (CPMA).
  • The evaluation takes place in these phases:
  • Administrative compliance evaluation of the project application, during which it is determined whether the project application is completely filled out, whether the applicant(s) and the project application meet the formal criteria, whether all project annexes are submitted, etc. The evaluation of the suitability of the administrative compliance of the project application is performed by one evaluator (CPMA employee);
  • Evaluation of the content and reasonableness of costs of the Project application, during which it is assessed whether the Project application meets the established content criteria and whether the Project is suitable for financing. The evaluation of the content of the project application and the reasonableness of costs is carried out by at least 2 evaluators. The total score assigned to the application is calculated by deriving the average score given by the evaluators (without rounding to a whole number).
  • CPMA submits the results of the evaluation to the Board of Development cooperation and humanitarian aid fund. The Board makes decisions on the allocation (non-allocation) of funding for the implementation of selected Project applications.