Call for Applications – SERIESMAKERS Programme

Embassy of France in Kampala

Relevent Country: Uganda

The Embassy of France in Kampala has launched a call for applications for the SERIESMAKERS programme- a new creative initiative which focuses on feature film directors who venture into the world of series created by Series mania forum & beta group.

SERIESMAKERS will allow ten selected teams with an idea for a scripted TV series to participate in a tailor-made training program focused on developing a full pitch deck. A-list directors, showrunners, writers, and producers will guide new series creatives in online workshops. Additionally, the development process will be supported by mentors.

SERIESMAKERS recognizes the benefits of a diverse workforce and is committed to providing a creative environment that is free from discrimination. The Program will seek to promote the principles of equality and diversity and encourages creatives of all nations, genders, disabilities, sexual orientations, religions or beliefs, to apply.

The two awarded teams will be presented at the Series Mania Forum 2023 and will develop a pilot script and a bible for the awarded projects with further creative support. In 2024, the two awarded teams will then participate in Series Mania Forum.

Funding Information

  • The objective is to support talents working on a new scripted TV series and offering two awarded teams a € 50,000 (fifty thousand Euros) award each.
  • The awarded teams will also be given the opportunity to participate at Series Mania Forum 2024 to present their projects to the industry’s most important decision-makers, broadcasters, platforms, co-producers and financiers.

Eligibility Criteria

The criteria for the teams’ eligibility are the following:

  • Consisting of two creatives, either a director and a producer or a director and a writer. The directors are required to have min. one feature film (fiction only) screened in the official selection of an A­-list film festival in the past five years (2017-2022)
  • The participants must be committed to creating a scripted TV series. If selected, all participants are obliged to sign a written approval of commitment to the Program.
  • Feature film directors with a series project can apply in duo with a producer or a scriptwriter.

Language: The communication language of the Program is English. Therefore, all materials during all steps of the Program are required to be provided in English language. Translation costs, if any, are not borne by the Program.

  • The language of the submitted project can be written and produced in English or any other language.

Project Requirement

The requirements for submitted projects are the following:

  • Category scripted TV series based upon an original idea or secured underlying property.
  • First season only.

Number of episodes: min. 4 episodes, max. 12 episodes.

Length: min. 30 minutes, max. 60 minutes per episode.

Genres: All genres, e.g, drama, comedy, period, crime, sci-fi.

Development stage: early stage.