Call for Expressions of Interest Incentive fund

International Organization for Migration

Relevent Country: Belgium

The International Organization for Migration (IOM – UN Migration) has announced the Incentive fund to support organizations structurally in innovative activities linked to the wide range of protection tools for migrants. In these activities there is a specific attention towards support and informing vulnerable groups of migrants.
Through the Incentive Fund, Conex aims to strengthen the capacity of organizations to support and inform migrants. The Conex project is funded by Fedasil, the Federal Agency for the reception of applicants for international protection and other target groups.

Thematic Priorities
  • The call focuses on the implementation of local initiatives in Belgium that address one (or multiple) of the following priorities:
  • Psychosocial support to migrants, diaspora, and to frontline workers.
  • Decreasing vulnerabilities and strengthening capacities of migrants, diaspora and people with a migration background.
  • Informing migrants about basic rights.
  • Engaging migrant communities through awareness-raising on available support and protection tools in community-based activities.
  • Strengthening the knowledge on available protection tools for migrants.
  • Sector(s) and Area(s) of Specialization
  • Migrant Protection and Assistance
Funding Information
  • The available budget for this call is EUR 40.000.
  • The budget allocated per selected project ranges from 2.000 EUR to 8.000 EUR. The funding rate is 100%, but seeking synergies with organization’s resources is evaluated positively.
  • The selected organization will be expected to implement the activities within the year 2024.

Activities may include:
  • Strengthening of skills/competences of a group of migrants involved in a future orientation pathway (e.g. digital skills, microbusiness training, language classes, etc.).
  • Organizing an event together with local migrant and diaspora organizations around the assistance offered by the local organization.
  • Information sessions on access to basic rights: shelter, support services, food and correct information.
  • Socio-cultural activities with target audiences to engage in conversation around future orientation.
  • Psychosocial activities (mindfulness, stress management, mental health info sessions, etc.) for different target groups (migrants, diaspora and/or frontline workers).
  • Information about all available protection tools and discussing those during community-based activities (cleaning up certain space, planting trees, sports tournaments, world market, etc.).
  • Belgium – Area of intervention linked to the presence of the implementing partner.
Eligibility Criteria
  • Organizations must be based in Belgium and be active and operational in 2024.
  • Organizations have a track record of previous work with supporting migrants, diaspora and people with a migration background. Organizations must be willing to implement the proposed activities in 2024.
  • Organizations must be willing to contribute resources to the implementation of the activities. Organizations must have a sound financial administration, with no misconduct taking place, complying with the highest ethical standards and values.