Call for Proposals: Building Disaster and Climate Resilience


Relevent Country: Niger

UNDRR invites not profit-making organisations to submit grant proposals that focus on the project “Building Disaster and Climate Resilience in Niger”.


  • Work through the present grant will contribute to the ongoing implementation of the Africa Road Map for Improving the Availability, Access and Use of Disaster Risk Information for Early Warning and Early Action, including in the Context of Transboundary Risk Management.
  • Accordingly, the objective is to develop risk information in the form of a quantitative probabilistic risk profile for flood and drought, including with future climate and socio-economic projection, to enhance national efforts in preparedness and in DRR more broadly.
  • The risk profile will provide national DRR bodies with essential risk information for impact-based early warning.
  • The risk profile will provide information on potential impacts for the use by stakeholders working on food security. The latter should count among the principal stakeholders in the development of the risk profile, ensuring the usability.
  • The risk profile will inform activities focused on the assessment of the costs and benefits of DRR investments, reflecting national development priorities and fostering policy coherence in the area of disaster risk reduction, climate change adaptation, and sustainable humanitarian development.
  • Finally, the work will feed into ongoing efforts to establish the Africa Multi-Hazard Early Warning System. Work with key stakeholders in the domain of preparedness and impact-based early warning will aim to enhance vertical and horizontal coordination among national, regional, continental stakeholders, thus facilitating access to and exchange of data and information using pre-agreed tools and through agreed standard operating procedures.

Funding Information

  • The maximum amount requested from UNDRR for the implementation of this project cannot exceed USD 419,000.
  • The duration of the proposed project cannot exceed 17th July 2023.

Outcome: New risk information, in the form of a quantitative probabilistic risk profile, is available to the national DRR stakeholders, responding to policy and operational needs. National DRR stakeholders show strong ownership of the risk profile. The risk profile informs the national Early Warning System, food insecurity assessment and national development planning efforts. National DRR/EWS stakeholders are connected to the regional and continental MHEWS.

Output: New risk information for applications in early warning, food security and national development planning. National risk profile validated and owned by national DRR stakeholders. A date exchange platform is configured connecting data and services among national, regional and continental data/information providers and users.

Eligible Projects

  • seminars, workshops, trainings;
  • capacity building activities;
  • institutional strengthening activities and
  • advocacy

Ineligible Projects

The following types of activity will not be covered:

  • capital expenditure, e.g. land, buildings, equipment and vehicles;
  • individual scholarships for studies or training courses;
  • supporting political parties; and
  • sub-contracting