Call for Proposals Inequity in Health Supporting Healthy Lives for Children & Youth

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Relevent Country: Denmark

The Novo Nordisk Foundation is offering grants to fight inequities in health among children and youth in Denmark.


  • The purpose of this Open Call is, therefore, to encourage organisations from the health- and social sector in Denmark to develop, test, implement, and evaluate interventions that support children and youth in vulnerable positions in living healthier lives. The projects should contribute to giving children and youth a better chance for living a healthy life by giving them the tailored stepping-stones they need to do so.
  • Furthermore, the purpose of the call is to inspire cross-sectoral collaboration. In Denmark, the health- and social sector often work in separate silos, and the challenges of children and youth in vulnerable positions are not handled holistically across sectors. The social sector is working tailored with vulnerable groups, and the health sector has vast experience in creating better circumstances for a healthier life for children and youth. The call is designed to support cross sectoral partnerships taking the best from both worlds to reduce inequity in health. The purpose is to mobilise organisations to work together and to join forces on lifting this difficult task where competencies from both sectors are needed.

Areas of Support

  • Applicants can apply for funding for projects that focus on developing, testing, implementing, and/or evaluating initiatives aimed at promoting health among children and youth in vulnerable positions. It is recommended that projects are integrated and anchored within existing structures in a sustainable way with consideration of the complexity of health-promoting efforts and social challenges. Projects can also be new initiatives; in which case it is important to argue for the viability and the potential for anchoring of the project.
  • The target group is defined as 0–18-year-old children and youth, but the primary target group can also be reached by focusing on e.g., families, professionals, or the structures in which they live.
  • The call is relevant for projects both working with somatic and/or mental health issues. Examples of such could be projects improving the activity level, eating habits, health literacy, sleep, or mental well-being of children and youth in vulnerable positions.
  • The project may be an independent project or part of a larger project that other partners also fund. The Foundation recommends that several applicants who are interested in the same field will apply jointly to create a basis for more sustainable solutions.

Funding Information

A total of up to DKK 25 million is available for grants between DKK 1 million and DKK 5 million for projects lasting for 1-5 years.

Who can apply?

  • Non-profit organizations and public institutions can apply for support via this announcement. During the grant period, the main applicant must be a manager or project manager in a non-profit organization or a public institution in Denmark.
  • Private companies cannot be the main applicant in this announcement, but can be a collaborative partner in projects. However, it is not possible to apply for funding with a commercial aim.
  • Applications that do not meet the financial and time criteria will not be considered.
  • The application and any additional uploads must be written in Danish or English.