Call for Proposals: Women, Peace, and Security Programme

UN Women

Relevent Country: Mozambique

UN Women calls for proposals for the project “Promoting women‘s participation and leadership in peace, security and recovery processes in Mozambique” funded by the Government of Norway.

The call seeks to find implementing partners (civil society organizations, including women-led organizations) with a strong track record in implementing programs focused on promoting the women, peace, and security agenda, gender equality, and women‘s socioeconomic empowerment.

Goal: Women and girls contribute to and to have greater influence in building sustainable peace and resilience, and to benefit equally from the prevention of conflicts and disasters in Mozambique.


The specific objectives include:

  • Empower women and gender equality advocates to have greater influence in decision-making in political, peace and security processes, contribute to crisis response, and create resilience.
  • Build the capacity of the Government of Mozambique to implement Women, Peace and Security (WPS) commitments and ensure monitoring and accountability frameworks are emplaced at national, regional and provincial levels;
  • Foster greater coordination of the implementation of WPS commitments; and
  • Facilitate the access to sustainable livelihoods and socioeconomic opportunities to women affected by conflict.

Funding Information

  • Approximately a maximum budget of 1,183,624.00 USD or 73,976,500.00 MZN to be implemented in Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Sofala and/or Manica provinces.

Direct Beneficiaries

  • There are 3 main target groups for this project: (1) 2,500 representatives from women-led and gender equality organizations; (2) 10,500 women and girls affected by conflict (internally displaced, residents in host communities, and female ex-combatants as well as the wives, widows and dependents of ex-combatants) (of which at least 5,000 women heads of households, 250 women with disabilities, 300 adolescent girls and young women). In the central and northern regions of Mozambique; and (3) national, regional and provincial levels coordination bodies.
  • Indirect Beneficiaries: Approximately 40,000 people in targeted communities.


  • The project will geographically focus on the central and northern regions of Mozambique while fostering an enabling environment at the national and regional levels. More specifically, the project will be directly implemented in 4 provinces in the central and northern regions of Mozambique; namely, in 9 districts in Cabo Delgado, Nampula, Sofala and Manica (Namely, Pemba, Montepuez, Ancuabe/Metuge, Chiure, Meconta, Nhamatanda, Cheringoma, Chibabava, and Barue districts).
  • Note: Specific project districts are subject to discussions with and final approval from Government partners.


  • UN Women would like to engage organizations with a strong focus and extensive experience in the promotion of gender equality, women´s empowerment, Women, Peace and Security, gender-responsive humanitarian action strategies/programmes/initiatives. More specially, the organizations should respect the following criteria:
  • Legal status: Applicants must have valid legal status with the Government of Mozambique.
  • Gender equality focus:  Applicants must demonstrate experience in implementing programmes on gender equality with a focus on ending violence against women and girls. (Documents required)
  • Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy : Applicants must have policy on how to deal with sexual exploitation and abuse in the workplace. (Document required)
  • Audit reports: Applicant must provide certified audit reports for 2-3 previous fiscal years (and 2020 if available) (Audit reports required)
  • Endorsement: Applicants must submit at least one Letter of Endorsement from a gender equality or women’s empowerment mechanism, governmental authority on gender equality, or other multi-stakeholder institution (including UN offices other than UN Women). Please note: To ensure fairness, Letters of Endorsement by UN Women offices will not be accepted. (Letters of Endorsement required).
  • COVID-19 Impact, risk and mitigation Strategy (Document Required)

NOTE: The following are an added criteria are an added value:

  • Women-led Organisation: Applicants that are led by a woman and have 50% of the female employees have an added advantage,
  • Local Based: Applicants that are locally based organisation (at Provincial or District levels) have an added advantage. However, all applicants must have verifiable local presence at the province or at district the district level.

Important notes

  • The application should be submitted by either a single organization or more than one organization working in a consortium on the above thematic areas.
  • Proposals should ideally reflect partnerships among civil society organizations, the private sector and Government institutions. Special attention will be paid to organizations with a demonstrated record of working with local women’s organizations especially grassroots women’s organizations and specialised women’s entrepreneurship development networks. Prioritization will also be given to organizations with a record of work in behavioural change targeting men and boys at community level as well as opinion, community, and religious leaders.
  • Proposals from more than one organization or entity must clearly indicate which organization will take lead responsibility for project management and contractual obligations.
  • UN Women will sign contracts with and disburse funds to the applicant organization only.
  • Eligible organizations currently partnering with UN Women may apply under this call for proposals.