Call for Proposals for BlueBioEconomy CoFund

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Monday, September 14, 2020

Detailed Description

The ERA-NET Cofund on Blue Bioeconomy – Unlocking the Potential of Aquatic Bioresources (BlueBio) successfully continues the work of the ERA-NET Marine Biotechnology (ERA-MBT, 2012 – 2017) and COFASP (2012-2017) and has been developed under the umbrella of JPI Oceans in accordance with the JPI Oceans Operational Plan.

The ERA-NET Cofund instrument under Horizon 2020 is designed to support public-public partnerships between Member States and associated countries for the implementation and coordination of networking activities. The ERA-NET Cofund BlueBio launches calls for proposals and related activities as described by the ERA-NET to unlock the potential of aquatic bioresources.

The scope of the call is to fund projects that facilitate the transfer (i.e. logistics, preservation and transportation) of bio-resources from harvest (catch or production) to processing to ensure e.g. traceability, quality, sustainability and the necessary quantity or pre-processing of the bio-resources for conversion into products for the market. This entails also the supply systems to primary producers for aspects affecting the bio-resources as it moves further in the value chain.


BlueBio aims at achieving a sustainable and competitive blue bioeconomy in Europe. The goal is to generate knowledge for blue bioeconomy value chains and improve the transfer of bio-based products and services from research, innovation and demonstrations to production scale implementing the multi-actor-approach. BlueBio contributes to the production of safe, nutritious and valuable bioproducts and services, while applying the food first principle. BlueBio launches calls to attract projects that work on the use and value-added of aquatic biomass in integrated value chains from primary production to processing, generating innovative products and services within the bioeconomy. The aquatic biomass can be either caught, harvested or produced in marine or freshwater in water or on land. Alternative uses of waste from production as a resource shall be enhanced to promote the concept of a circular economy. Consequences of new methods or products shall be considered from a wider value chain perspective.

The aim of establishing a coordinated R&D funding scheme is to contribute to the development of research-based innovations and to strengthen Europe’s position in this complex economic field in a global market. The basis for this approach builds on the overlapping needs uncovered by the strategic work of the Marine Biotechnology Strategic Research and Innovation Road map developed by ERAMBT, the Strategic Research Agenda of COFASP, and the Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda of JPI Oceans.

Expected Impacts

To overcome the present inefficiencies in the blue bioeconomy and increase its adaptation capacity to changed resource characteristics (i.e. availability, type, quality etc.), projects will need to address challenges in the value chains where aspects related to the supply systems are considered. Projects are expected to deliver impacts on one or several of the following areas:

  • Enable better transmission of relevant biomass information throughout the value chain to support traceability and quality monitoring.
  • Deliver knowledge about potential measures in the value chain which can enhance food-based products and feeds.
  • Advance approaches, which improve the provisioning of consistent quality and quantity of biomass to the value chains.
  • Advance pre-processing options and approaches, which can assure quality characterization and preservation of both present and new types of biomasses as near as possible to the harvesting activity.
  • Develop solutions that reduce production of waste from blue bioeconomy value chains.
  • Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in the supply systems, while maintaining or improving the quality of the biomasses.
  • Reduce the environmental footprint in the whole supply chain and enhance the adoption and use of circular / co-farming systems
  • Improve the ability in the supply system aspects to take advantage of the inherent seasonality in the availability of the bio-resources.
  • Improve the ability in the supply system aspects to take advantage of the diversity of the bioresources.
  • Overcome supply systems challenges faced by emerging and new uses and identify opportunities for cost reductions to make them economically viable.

Funding Information

The call with a budget of 11 million Euro is targeted specifically on supply systems in the blue bioeconomy: logistics and transportation – from harvest to processing.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 13 partners from 12 countries have contributed 11 million EUR to the call.
  • The following partner countries will provide funds: Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Romania and Spain. Partners from countries not participating in the Call may join consortia but participation will be at the institutions’ own expense.
  • Each project must include at least three partners from three countries and has to include at least one industry partner.


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