Canning Bridge Place Grants

City of Melville

Relevent Country: Australia

The City of Melville is providing grants to support local projects within the Canning Bridge Activity Centre precinct:

  • To reinvest the parking funds to the activity centre for the benefit of all who visit the area; and
  • To fund place activation and events, shop front improvement, and activities that encourage a safer, more active and vibrant community and business precinct.

Two Streams of Funding

Activation/events Suitable for:

  • Incorporated groups, businesses with an ABN – up to $30,000
  • Unincorporated groups and individuals without an ABN – up to $2,000
  • Event organisers, community groups, individuals and businesses may apply in this stream. Applicants who are based outside of the Canning Bridge Activity Centre may apply as long as the activity/benefit is held within the centre and benefit is demonstrated for the community.

Shopfront Improvement

  • Suitable for organisations with an ABN – up to $30,000
  • The organisation must be located within the Canning Bridge Activity Centre and be able to demonstrate that they own the building or have a long term lease (at least three months). If the works are on public land, City of Melville approval will be required.
  • Event/project Duration: To be completed by Tuesday, 31 December 2024.


  • Add value, vibrancy and attract people to the Canning Bridge precinct as a place;
  • Reflect the needs of the people visiting, living and working in Canning Bridge;
  • Are informed by input from the community and other relevant stakeholders;
  • Reflect the vision and objectives of relevant City strategies and plans as they relate to the Canning Bridge Activity Centre.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All grant applicants must live, work, lease/own property/businesses or demonstrate a strong connection to the Canning Bridge Activity Centre.
  • The business improvement, event or activity must take place within the Canning Bridge Activity Centre boundary.
  • Align with the Canning Bridge Activity Centre Plan priorities or Community Development Place Activation Plan – At Canning Bridge actions.
  • Not-for-profit organisations, community groups, small businesses, businesses and creative professionals are all welcome to apply.
  • All initiatives to demonstrate a positive contribution to the public realm.
  • Activities and events must be provided for free or low cost to the community.
  • If you own a business – must be able to demonstrate that they own the property or have a commercial lease agreement with at least three months.
  • Be a legally constituted entity or individual with an Australian Business Number (ABN), be incorporated OR
  • Community groups or individuals without an ABN and who are not incorporated may only apply for up to $2,000 maximum.
  • Apply at least three months prior to an event or activity commencing.
  • Have appropriate insurances and licences (including public liability insurance, building licences, etc). Community groups may include the cost of acquiring event public liability insurance in their application for consideration.
  • Have demonstrated ability to deliver the project, experience and the capacity/time/support to do so.
  • Provide quotes or indicative costs to deliver initiative, including all associated costs like licences/traffic management.
  • Project management, consultancy fees, or fee for service may be considered for a new initiative, such as an event or workshop.


  • Virtual events;
  • Business events, conferences and conventions;
  • Awards ceremonies;
  • High cost ticketed events;
  • Private/invite only events or activities that exclude certain groups;
  • Fundraising, political events or religious practice;
  • Proposals that contravene the City’s policies;
  • Projects that denigrate or exclude parts of the community or have an adverse effect on public health, safety, the environment or heritage;
  • Projects that request reimbursement of funds already spent;
  • An applicant that has outstanding debts to the City of Melville;
  • An applicant who is in legal conflict with the City of Melville;