CfP under the Skills and Technical Education Programme in Malawi

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Detailed Description


The global objective of this call for proposals is to increase access to informal and formal TEVET training and to facilitate innovative research on TEVET training and financing.
The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals are:

  • Deliver relevant quality TEVET training;
  • Ensure skills training and economic empowerment of women and vulnerable groups;
  • Provide supportive skills such as basic literacy and entrepreneurial skills;
  • Provide adequate support to business creation;
  • Improve TEVET system through applied research and analysis of current system components;
  • The grants awarded through this call for proposals will contribute to the achievement of the above specific objectives.

Priority issues

  • Attentionshouldbepaidtopromoting accessforgroupsthatare disadvantagedbasedontheirage,gender,disabilityand/orotherreasons,and/ortotheavailabilityoftraining activitiesforpopulationsinruralareas.
  • Genderequalitywillbeacross-cutting issue,alsogiventhelarge extentoffemale participationin the informaleconomy and relative low participation in TEVET.
  • Issues related to integration inthe local context (partnerships/collaboration with local actors), innovation and mainstreaming of cross cutting issues (Good governance, HIV/AIDS, environmental protection should be given priority.
  • The forming of consortia and partnership amongst training providers are prioritised for all actions.
  • Furthermore, proposals received from private sector actors will be evaluated for their relevance according to the six criteria for supporting private sector from the Commission communication on 'A stronger role of the Private Sector in Achieving Inclusive and Sustainable Growth in Developing Countries' (COM(2014)263


  • This is a restricted call for proposals.
  • In the first instance, only concept notes (Annex A.1) must be submitted for evaluation.
  • Thereafter, lead applicants who have been pre-selected will be invited to submit a full application.
  • After the evaluation of the full applications, an eligibility check will be performed for those which have been provisionally selected.
  • Eligibility will be checked on the basis of the supporting documents requested by the Contracting Authority and the signed ‘declaration by the lead applicant’ sent together with the full application.
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