Child and Youth Initiatives Fund

City of North Vancouver

Relevent Country: Canada

Applications are now open for the Child and Youth Initiatives Fund to support or initiate events, programs and services for children and youth in the City of North Vancouver.

All activities supported by this fund must be based in the City of North Vancouver, or be of primary benefit to children and youth resident in the City. This fund is not available for sports programs or to supplement core funding for Outreach Youth Services. Grants approved under this fund shall be for new events, programs or services, or to enhance existing events, programs or services which have proven successful.


Events, programs and services which are funded under this initiative will meet fully, or in part, the following objectives.

  • Be preventative in nature.
  • Create opportunities for youth to initiate projects.
  • Create opportunities to contribute to community well-being and to participate in community activities.
  • Provide opportunities for skill development.
  • Develop self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • Be responsive to the diverse and changing needs of children and youth and, as such, give special consideration to children and youth with disabilities, from low income families, and of newcomers.
  • Encourage broad community involvement (financial and human resources) from children and youth, business, organizations and individuals.
  • Maximize the use of existing community resources through creative partnerships.
  • Involve children and youth in program development and implementation.
  • Encourage inter-agency/organization, cooperation and collaboration.

Categories of Grants

  • Youth Initiated Project Grants
  • The intention of the Youth Initiated Project Grant is to involve children and youth in the development and implementation of projects and events, which can be supported by youth workers, community service agencies and businesses. The intent of youth involvement is to provide opportunities for youth to take the lead in organizing and delivering a program or an event.
  • Grants of up to $500 will be available for Projects and Events. The grant may be used to cover such things as building/facility rental costs, equipment rental costs, publicity, entertainment, refreshments, etc.
  • Agency Initiated Project Grants
  • Agency Initiated Projects shall be preventative in nature, providing children and youth with information, skills and activities which promote healthy living and positive activities. Grants of up to $3,000 will be available for new projects, or to augment existing programs. Grant recipients will be required to provide one-third (1/3) of the amount of the grant received as in-kind services and/or cash.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Youth, non-profit societies, community groups, Parent Advisory Councils and School District No. 44 are eligible to apply for grants under this initiative. Private consultants and businesses are not eligible to apply directly to this fund, but may be partners in projects managed by the above-mentioned groups. Outreach Youth Service agencies are not eligible to apply for a grant under this fund if it is to be applied to core operating costs of Outreach Youth Worker positions. These agencies may, however, apply for a grant that is for a Youth Initiated Project and Event, or Agency Initiated Project that compliments the services provided by Outreach Youth Workers.
  • All projects, events, programs and services supported by this fund must be located in the City of North Vancouver, or be of primary benefit to children and youth (up to the age of 24 years) residents in the City of North Vancouver.