Civil Society Fund

Government of Alberta

Relevent Country: Canada

The Government of Alberta is now inviting applications for its Civil Society Fund to address social problems facing Albertans.

Organizations can apply for a one-time grant for projects building civil society’s capacity to support social recovery and inclusive economic participation for Albertans.

Civil society includes non-profit and voluntary organizations, registered charities, informal groups or movements pursuing shared interests or values, and private-sector organizations and individuals pursuing social good.

Civil society plays a critical role in the well-being of Albertans and contributes significantly to Alberta’s economy. The intent of the CSF is to support transformational change and improve how civil society organizations function and work together to address pressing social challenges.

CSF funding is one-time only. Funding will not be provided to support the ongoing delivery of social programs and services, or routine operational requirements of organizations.

Funding Information

  • Maximum funding: $500,000 per project
  • Project length: Up to 24 months from date of the grant agreement

Eligible Projects

  • Proposals must demonstrate how the project will support transformational change in civil society, significantly increasing the capacity of civil society to support the social and economic recovery of Albertans.

Organizations applying for funding must also demonstrate that their proposed project aligns with at least one of the following priority areas:

  • system infrastructure
  • civil society research and data
  • organizational transformation
  • financial sustainability and resilience

Ineligible Projects

  • While funding may support the design and development of innovative approaches to service delivery, funding will not support projects focused on the ongoing delivery of programs or services.
  • Operational and administrative costs beyond those related directly to the project will not be funded.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for the CSF as a primary applicant, all applicants must:

  • be classified as one of the following:
  • a registered not-for-profit organization or charity, in good standing, under one of the following acts:
  • Provincial legislation (Alberta):
  • Societies Act
  • Part 21 of the Business Corporations Act – Extra-Provincial Corporations
  • Companies Act, Part 9 (Not-for-profit companies)
  • Special Act of the Legislature
  • Agricultural Societies Act
  • Religious Societies Land Act, Part 2
  • Post-secondary Learning Act (post-secondary institutions)
  • Cooperatives Act
  • Federal legislation (Canada)
  • Special Act of Parliament
  • Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, and must be registered in Alberta under the Business Corporations Act
  • Income Tax Act (and operating in the Province of Alberta (Charities))
  • Board of Trade Act, Part 2 (Chambers of Commerce)
  • a First Nation
  • a Metis Settlement, or
  • a collaborative – collaboratives or collaborative projects are eligible for funding when the following elements are in place:
  • the applicant organization is a registered nonprofit organization or charity in good-standing under one of the acts referenced
  • the collaborative’s structure, including the roles and responsibilities of the collaborative partners and the decision making process is clearly documented
  • a multi-year strategic plan with clear goals and priorities is utilized
  • there is a documented history of operating in Alberta for at least one year
  • financial resources are shared among the collaborative partners
  • have been legally registered and operating in Alberta for a minimum of one full year