Cleantech Acceleration Program

Marwari Catalysts

Relevent Country: India

Are you a CleanTech entrepreneur working to address challenges in the environment? India’s fastest growing accelerator, Marwari Catalysts is inviting applications for accelerating CleanTech startups. To get a head start, Apply now to the CleanTech Accelerator Program.

Supporting CleanTech Innovations and Smart Energy Community, who are solving big problems for the planet and helping the world run better, their CleanTech Accelerator Program is here to provide respective startups with the tools, knowledge, competence and network to maximise their impact.

They believe that startups wishing to create a measurable impact on some of the environment’s biggest challenges play a crucial role in creating a better tomorrow. Therefore, leveraging their experience they wish to turn the sustainability challenge to an opportunity, wherein they create a sustainable future together.

With a proven entrepreneurship framework, their CleanTech Accelerator Program will support 6-8 startups and will get access to their top advisors, expert mentors, and networks that are specifically relevant for you. they ’ll help you build a business model, develop sales strategies, improve your leadership and team strengths so as to help you identify early milestones and prepare for your next round of capital.

Key Features

  • The 12- weeks CleanTech Accelerator Program: An intense 12- weeks program designed to give the participants access to knowledge, network, resources to help you make your startup scalable and investable!
  • Tailored Masterclasses: Expert mentors from the sustainability industry are available throughout the program to develop your business strategy, providing hands-on support and valuable lessons, ensuring you capture your vision and reach your goals.
  • Resources: Their participating entrepreneurs can access all their resources available at the office of Marwari Catalysts, including Co-working office space (desks, Wi-Fi, Conference rooms for private meetings or presentations).
  • Fundraising: For startups that are venture capital ready, They’ll acquaint you with prepping your pitches and connecting you with Angel investors/ funds backing CleanTech innovations.
  • Global Network: Unmatched access to their global network of mentors, corporate partners and industry experts to scale your business.
  • Demo Day: Get a chance to pitch your startup to a crowd of corporate partners, investors and industry leaders who are shaping the smart energy landscape and get their feedback.

Funding Information

  • First Cheque ₹ 25 Lakhs to ₹ 50 Lakhs.

How to get Selected?

  • Once you submit your application and their initial review is done, you will be contacted about moving forward in our selection process which comprises of following stages:
  • Telephonic Interview: If Theylike your idea, they’ll request for a telephonic interview to better understand your business.
  • Pitch & Panel Interview: If they think your business has real potential, you’ll be asked to pitch your business to our jury panel. This panel consists of the leadership team at Marwari Catalysts.
  • Business Validation: If the pitch and panel interview goes well, they’ll require some additional information on the business, founders, your team, your goals, etc
  • Acceptance Letter: Once their validation process is successful, you will receive a letter accepting you into their accelerator program!