Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program

Government of Canada

Relevent Country: Canada

The Government of Canada is accepting applications for the Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program.

This program is designed to build capacity for climate change and health adaptation by funding community-designed and driven projects.

This program funds First Nations and Inuit communities’ efforts to identify, assess, and respond to the health impacts of climate change.

Focus Areas

  • Supporting projects focusing on human health and a changing climate, the program enables communities to:
  • develop and implement health-related adaptation or action plans
  • develop knowledge-building and communication materials
  • support adaptation decision-making at the local, regional and national levels
  • Some of the areas of adaptation and research that past projects have examined include:
  • traditional food security and access to country food
  • documentation of traditional medicines
  • engagement with Elders and youth
  • safety while on the land
  • impacts of extreme weather events
  • emergency preparedness
  • access to safe drinking water
  • mental health impacts of climate change on youth


  • There are 2 streams for the program:
  • Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program North
  • Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program for First Nations South of 60°N

Eligibility Criteria

  • First Nations and Inuit communities
  • First Nations and Inuit organizations, including:
  • First Nations associations
  • band councils
  • tribal councils
  • self-governing First Nations and Inuit governments
  • other organizations understood to be First Nations or Inuit in nature
  • non-governmental organizations and voluntary associations and organizations, including non-Indigenous associations and organizations, can be eligible if working in partnership with a First Nations or Inuit community
  • Climate Change and Health Adaptation Program for First Nations South of 60°N
  • First Nations communities
  • First Nations communities in British Columbia are supported through the First Nations Health Authority.