Community Based Initiatives

Institute for Democracy and Mediation

Relevent Country: Albania

The Institute for Democracy and Mediation (IDM) invites local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) to express their interest by submitting proposals to implement Community Based Initiatives. These initiatives are expected to strengthen social cohesion and build community resilience.


These initiatives are in line with the objectives of the programme “Sustainable community-based reintegration of Albanian nationals returning from Syria” to engage and empower local community members through strengthening social cohesion. The primary aim of these initiatives is to build more inclusive, resilient and safer communities through community agency and social engagement.

Priority Areas

The CBIs’ priority sectors/ themes (not limited) include:

  • Enhancing social cohesion to help communities and their members maintain harmony during societal change (such as interventions that leverage socio-cultural, sportive and recreational activities that promote social engagement, tolerance, volunteerism, wellbeing and inclusion).
  • Strengthening community agency through promoting active citizenship. Interventions that will enhance mobilization, organization and representation of communities and their interest, such as offering access to equal opportunities, positive social and economic alternatives; promoting an enabling infrastructure through enhanced collaboration with key stakeholders (local government, businesses and academia in the area etc).

Funding Information

  • Duration: 3 – 8 months
  • Budget: 250.000-500.000 ALL

Target Areas

Community-based initiatives should take place in any of the 8 municipalities /10 programme areas, respectively:

  • Yzberisht;
  • Kashar (Municipality of Tirana);
  • Municipality of Kavaja;
  • Buçimas: Rëmenj & Gurras (Municipality of Pogradec);
  • Leshnicë (Municipality of Pogradec);
  • Municipality of Librazhd;
  • Mollas (Municipality of Cërrik);
  • Municipality of Mat;
  • Municipality of Kukës;
  • Postribë (Municipality of Shkodër).
  • The projects should cover at least one target area, but more than one area is welcome.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible, an applicant must have the following:

  • CSOs that are legally registered and recognized under Albanian law;
  • CSOs experienced in community-level and grassroots initiatives focused on strengthening resilience against vulnerable groups;
  • CSOs working on one or more thematic areas of relevance to this call for RfP;
  • CSOs founded at least 1 year before the announcement of this call for RfP;
  • CSOs be directly responsible for the preparation and management of the application, not acting as an intermediary.