Community Board Grant

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

Relevent Country: Canada

Applications are now open for the Community Board Grant.

The TELUS Community Boards provide a collaborative and unique funding model enabling local community leaders to make recommendations on grants supporting youth across Canada. Canadian registered charities that offer community-based health, education or technology programs for youth are eligible to apply.

Funding Information

  • Your program will achieve success with a single-year grant of up to $20,000, with the exception of the TELUS Barrie & Simcoe County Community Board whose maximum grant is $10,000

Funding Criteria

To qualify for funding, your organization meets the following criteria:

  • Your organization is a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity located and operating within a TELUS Community Board region with a stated focus on serving youth
  • Your programs create measurable community health and technology outcomes
  • Your organization has not applied to any TELUS Friendly Future Foundation funding channel more than once per calendar year and your organization has not received a grant from any TELUS Friendly Future Foundation funding channel within the past 24 months

Requests considered ineligible for TELUS Community Board Grants include:

  • Fiduciary intermediary relationships, where a non-profit organization leverages the charitable status of another registered charity
  • Community-based programs of religious organizations that are unable to show a history of non-denominational participation by the broader community
  • Programs with an active grant application to any other funding channel of the TELUS Friendly Future Foundation
  • Requests for TELUS products and services or laptops, tablets and mobile phones
  • Requests for sponsorships, advertising, retroactive funding and international programs
  • Requests for capital campaigns, endowments or debt reduction campaigns