Community Grants

Blaby District Council

Relevent Country: United Kingdom

The Blaby District Council (BDC) is seeking applications for its Community Grants Scheme to support the voluntary and community sector (VCS) to develop and strengthen community facilities and activities for the benefit of Blaby District residents.

Funding Information

  • They offer a range of grants from £500 to £4000 that cover different types of project costs.

What they fund?

  • The Community Grants Scheme funds projects that contribute to at least one of the Council’s three corporate priorities:
  • Live – Strong, healthy, safe, sustainable communities where the most vulnerable are supported
  • Work – A thriving, prosperous, innovative local economy with a skilled and healthy workforce contributing to the local community
  • Visit – A strong leisure and tourist sector and well maintained and accessible attractions available in the local area encourage visitors to the district

Eligibility Criteria

The grants scheme is open to applications from a range of VCS organisations:

  • Community groups, youth clubs and sports clubs
  • Registered Charities
  • Social Enterprises (such as Community Interest Companies)
  • Schools, Academies and PTA/fundraising groups for extra-curricular activities or projects only
  • Religious or faith-based organisations for non-religious projects open to all irrespective of faith
  • Parish and Town Councils
  • Organisations are expected to provide copies of the following to support their application:
  • A governing document (such as a Constitution or Articles of Association)
  • An equality policy/statement (if not included within the governing document)
  • A child safeguarding policy and/or vulnerable adults policy (if applicable)
  • A bank statement dated within three months showing the organisation’s name, account details and balance. Bank accounts must require the signatures of at least two unrelated people.
  • The organisation’s most recent set of accounts
  • Three quotes for any single items or works over the value of £1,000
  • Evidence of any consents/permissions in order for the project to take place such as Planning Permission, Advertising Consent or Landowner Consent. These must be secured before the application is submitted.
  • Where the project involves alterations to land or buildings, the applicant must provide evidence of ownership or a written agreement/lease with at least five years remaining.

Note: Please note that organisations can only be awarded one grant per financial year (April-March). Organisations may only apply for one grant at a time. This means that an organisation that has previously received a BDC grant must complete their project (including submission of evidence of expenditure) before a further application to the scheme can be made.