Community Project Grant Program

City of Logan

Relevent Country: Australia

The City of Logan has announced the applications for Community Project Grant (CPG) program to deliver projects that respond to a community priority and support long term outcomes.


This funding provides financial support to organisations to respond to community priorities. The
initiatives delivered should add to the social and community development of the city.


Grants are open for organisations to address community priorities that:

  • build an engaged and inclusive community
  • promote increased participation in community life
  • support the community to shape or make change in their local area and / or
  • increase skills, knowledge and leadership capability within the community sector.

Funding Information

  • Community Project Grants Up to $10,000

What they can fund?

  • New initiatives or projects that build upon or expand an existing initiative (e.g. making it more inclusive, expanding to new areas)

Examples of project expenses they will consider funding include:

  • skills development
  • venue hire
  • refreshments and catering
  • marketing and promotion
  • program coordination and facilitation
  • travel costs for participants
  • other reasonable project costs

What they can’t fund?

  • Costs associated with the usual business of an organisation (e.g. salaries, insurance, electricity, rates, telephone, rent)
  • Initiatives that are suitable for other Council grants (e.g. one-off events, environmental or arts projects).
  • Incomplete, emailed or faxed applications
  • Initiatives from organisations with overdue acquittals and / or debts to Council
  • Initiatives that involve alcohol or drugs
  • Donations or prizes (e.g. money, trophies, vouchers, etc for fundraising or gifts)
  • Initiatives that have a commercial purpose
  • Initiatives that are the duty of the Federal or State Government to deliver
  • Political and / or religious activities

Eligibility Criteria 

  • Not-for-profit organisations that are legally registered in Australia. This can include incorporated organisations, companies limited by guarantee, non-trading co-operatives, Indigenous corporations, etc
  • State government entities (e.g. local schools, Queensland Police Service, etc)
  • Social enterprises that are legally registered in Australia. You will need to show that you
  • reinvest the majority of your profits to meet a social purpose

Additionally your organisation must:

  • Have current public liability insurance for $20 million
  • Have an Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • If you do not meet these criteria you can partner with an organisation who does (i.e. an auspice). An auspice accepts legal and financial responsibility for your project
  • Staff and volunteers must have a current Working with Children and Young People Blue Card where applicable.