Conferences, Symposia and Workshops Programme

Novo Nordisk Foundation

Relevent Country: Denmark

Type of work: Research and Survey

The Novo Nordisk Foundation (NNF) is inviting applications for the Conferences, Symposia and Workshops Programme to promote knowledge sharing and networking activities by providing leading as well as younger researchers and students with opportunities to present and discuss the newest research and innovation activities within their fields.

The programme is focused on supporting medium-sized events with a duration of 1-3 days typically. The events are organised by the applicants themselves and are located at the organisers’ home institution unless another location is more appropriate. The events must take place in the Danish Commonwealth (Denmark, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland).

Areas of Support

  • Biomedical and health science research and applications
  • Life science research and industrial applications promoting sustainabilit
  • Natural and technical sciences research and interdisciplinarity
  • Research in art histor
  • Innovation
  • Education and Outreach

Funding Information

Grants between DKK 50,000 and 500,000 are awarded. The total grant budget per year is DKK 8.2 million.

Location: Denmark

Eligibility Criteria


The applicant

  • Is the lead organiser of the event
  • Must be affiliated with a university, hospital, art academy, or other public research or educational institution in Denmark, or with a museum or other not-for-profit knowledge institution in Denmark
  • Can be either a researcher at a high international level, a younger researcher, or be engaged in the development of STEM teaching
  • Cannot be an organisation or a professional event organiser

The event

  • Must be held in Denmark
  • Must be within one of the research fields
  • Is focused and targets the research field of the applicant specifically
  • Must include internationally prominent speakers
  • Must include at least one poster session, furthermore, other similar activities with the specific aim to engage young researchers are encouraged
  • Must be presented in as much detail as possible in the application, and CVs for invited speakers who have already given consent to participate must be appended to the application
  • Must be publicised widely and be open to the public
  • must be executed in the timeframe May 2023 – August 2024 – events planned later than this are requested to apply at one of the upcoming biannual calls of the programme

Strongly Encouraged

  • Organiser(s) should consider gender diversity when selecting the speakers
  • The event should have a small or no registration fee for younger researchers and students, and the general registration fee should be kept low enough to adhere to the “open to the public” requirement
  • The event should have presentation slots for younger researchers and students.