Confluence Program

The Conservation Alliance’s

Relevent Country: Canada

The Conservation Alliance is seeking applications for its Confluence Program to intentionally connect to historically racially excluded people for the protection of natural places.

The Conservation Alliance will award four multi-year grants to groups led by Asian, Black, Brown, Hispanic, Indigenous, Latin American, or additional communities who identify as People of Color working to protect a natural place.

In 2022 and 2023, they will work to build trust and meaningful relationships with the four Confluence grantees through resource-sharing and communications support. We will shape the relationship-building phase of this program to meet the unique needs of each group. Through the application review process, we will also capture and share our learnings regarding the gap between financial needs and available funding, and share the list of applicants with other funders. Our goal will be to help shed light on the volume of qualified groups that need funding, and help make connections to our network of partners that might offer direct funding or other resource support.

Funding Criteria

To qualify for funding, groups and projects must meet all of the following funding criteria:

  • Applying groups must self-identify as led by historically racially excluded people (Asian, Black, Brown, Hispanic, Indigenous, Latin American, or additional communities who identify as People of Color) in the USA or Canada. We also welcome applications from organizations working with mixed status immigrant families.
  • Projects must protect or conserve land and/or water in their efforts to foster a planet where natural places, wildlife, and people thrive together.
  • Projects must be able to demonstrate how they are centering solutions led by impacted communities.
  • Group should be less likely to receive money from mainstream funders, maximum organizational operating budget of $500,000.

Funding Information

Each grantee will receive $50,000 in 2022.

Types of Projects

  • The Confluence Program will fund groups led by historically racially excluded people working on land or water conservation efforts. Proposals may include projects like those we’re already funding in our primary grant program or projects that aren’t in our current portfolio.
  • They will prioritize the following projects (these are not requirements):
  • Projects that include an intersectional approach to conservation that addresses the social and environmental needs of a community.
  • Projects focused on small-scale nearby nature initiatives (as defined by the local community) that are accessible by public transportation.
  • Projects where communities come together to honor ancestral lands and connect deeper with the land and water.
  • Groups working in collaboration with others to protect land or water.

If the primary focus of a project is one of the items on this list, it does not qualify for funding:

  • Research and/or whitepapers
  • Outdoor youth and adult leadership education
  • Conference, event, festival or panel (including both in person and virtual)
  • An expedition
  • An individual
  • A fundraiser, one-time event, or gala
  • General marketing or awareness-raising projects
  • Project focused solely on creating a book, video or movie
  • Maintenance or management of a designated protected area, including general stewardship projects, trail maintenance, invasive species removal
  • Recruitment costs to fill open positions
  • 501c4 work and lobbying

Eligibility Criteria

  • A 501c3 or charitable status is not required.
  • Your group and proposed project must be located in the United States or Canada.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Confluence Program Advisory Committee promptly after the deadline. Up to 20 groups will be invited to submit additional information for review.
  • Grants will be awarded by the end of 2022.
  • Applicants and projects must be based in the USA or Canada.