Cultivating Community Gardens Grants

Brisbane City Council

Relevent Country: Australia

The Brisbane City Council has launched the Cultivating Community Gardens Grants to provide funding to local non-profit community-based groups and organisations to establish, develop and/or maintain community gardens on Council-owned and other land.

In line with Brisbane Vision aspirations to be a clean, green and sustainable city, these grants aim to improve Brisbane’s sustainability by assisting:
  • Brisbane’s community garden groups to undertake activities that establish, further develop and/or maintain the community garden site
  • in administering the community garden and its volunteers
  • in providing opportunities for education, skills development and group development for the members of the community garden group
  • in providing opportunities for wider community garden groups to undertake events, publicity and programs that increase community involvement and education about the gardens and their activities
  • in developing community partnerships and networks.
Funding Information
  • Funding amounts range from $1000 to $2500.
What can be funded?
  • The Cultivating Community Gardens Grants can be used to fund new or existing community garden projects for:
  • tools, materials and equipment that are directly used in completing the project (note: materials such as timbers or sleepers must not be treated with chromated copper arsenate)
  • services relating to the establishment/maintenance of the garden
  • facilities and structures that are essential to the functioning of the garden
  • education and awareness designed to develop skills of group members
  • publicity and programs that increase wider community involvement and education about the gardens and their activities
  • operating or administration expenses associated with the development, implementation and completion of the project
  • materials and plumbing costs to construct a small scale raingarden; raised garden beds which use plants and free draining soils to capture, filter and treat pollutants typically found in stormwater
Eligibility Criteria
  • The applicant organisation must be a non-profit community based organisation that is incorporated, or be auspiced by a non-profit incorporated body that is able to accept legal and financial responsibility for the project and its activities.
  • Grants will only be available to organisations and projects within the City of Brisbane local government area.
  • Applicants (and their auspice) must not have outstanding debts or overdue, unacquitted grants with Council.
  • The project must be of benefit to the broader community and be conducted on land accessible to the broader community.
  • For schools to be eligible for the Cultivating Community Gardens Grants the community garden must:
  • be accessible to the broader community
  • have broader community participation
  • have food gardens linked to curriculum outcomes.
  • Community gardens must be prepared to register on the Council community gardens webpage, indicating their openness for involvement of the wider community in their garden.
  • The project must have written approval from the land owner or the Regional Council Co-ordinator (land manager representative) if on Council land. Please include a signed letter of approval with your application.
  • The following will not be funded:
  • projects that are the responsibility of the Australian or State governments, with the exception of schools that meet the objectives outlined in Eligibility criteria
  • project related activities that have commenced prior to the payment of the grant
  • applications that require ongoing funding, unless the source of the ongoing funding is assured
  • projects located on creek banks, footpaths or road reserves
  • staff project costs
  • european bee hives
  • timbers treated with Copper Chromated Arsenate (CCA).