Deep Learning Indaba announces Call for Proposals for AI4D-Indabax Innovation

Deep Learning Indaba
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Last date: 
Monday, July 6, 2020
Central African Republic

Detailed Description

Deep Learning Indaba is currently inviting individuals, grassroots organizations, initiatives, academic, and civil society institutions to submit proposals for funding up to USD 8,000 for small research projects with a development focus, which will be completed by the end of February 2021.

They are looking to strengthen AI research communities and the work they do during the Covid-19 pandemic, by funding research projects across Africa that are collaborative at heart and have a strong development focus.

These can be new or existing projects at various stages, including projects that create and analyse new data sets around a research hypothesis, to later stage projects that require a “final push”.

Funding Information

  • Selected projects will be monetarily awarded from USD 2,000 to USD 8,000, funding which will be disbursed as the project progresses, based on agreed timelines.
  • Projects will be funded through a university or research institution or local partner charity, but where this is not possible, alternative venues will be considered.

Deep Learning Indaba is specifically looking to support smaller research projects or segments of larger research endeavours:

  • that are conducted in Africa;
  • that have a strong machine learning, artificial intelligence or data science component, in any discipline of science;
  • that have sustainable development goals in mind;
  • that could reach deliverable outcomes by the end of January 2021

Supported projects will have access to additional project-specific mentorship from the Deep Learning Indaba network.


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