Development of Intersectional Feminist Movement Grant Competition

Women's Foundation in Georgia

Relevent Country: Georgia

The Women’s Foundation in Georgia announces the grant competition “Development of the Intersectional Feminist Movement in Georgia”, the financial supporter of which is the “Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) “.

The grant program aims to support the development of the feminist movement in Georgia and encourage cooperation between the movements.

The Women’s Foundation welcomes projects focused on social change, which in a specific competition means the following:

  • Considering the principles of intersectional feminism
  • Creating safe spaces for feminist and queer activists
  • Supporting/Giving Voices to Marginalized Groups

Priority Areas

  • Feminist educational initiatives (workshops, training of trainers, etc.)
  • Legislation and policy advocacy and lobbying. Also, media/social media campaigns for advocacy
  • Protecting the rights of marginalized groups
  • Cooperation between movements (feminist, environmental, labor rights, etc.) and/or connecting with different actors (self-governments of municipalities, state structures, etc.)
  • Collective initiatives of feminists, women’s rights activists, women’s organizations/groups and their capacity building
  • Creative initiatives aimed at the development and change of the women’s movement, inter-cultural dialogue, solidarity and inter-movement cooperation
  • Interventions aimed at empowering and protecting members of the feminist movement (introducing collective care practices, strengthening digital and physical security skills, etc.)
  • Creating feminist knowledge through research and documentation

Funding Information

  • The grant amount is set at 15,000 euros, the project duration is 6-7 months.

Eligible Projects

  • Within the framework of the competition, the Women’s Fund will support the following projects:
  • which are implemented by women
  • and whose direct and ultimate beneficiaries are women
  • Priority will be given to coalition projects and projects presented by registered organizations. Also, initiatives of regionally based organizations and marginalized groups.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Formal and informal women’s groups (registered non-governmental organizations and initiative groups) and networks from the capital and regions of Georgia can participate in the grant competition.