Disability Inclusion Partnerships Grant

British Council

Relevent Country: Indonesia

Responding to UK-Indonesia Joint Working Group on Higher Education in 2022, the British Council published a grant call requesting UK universities to submit joint proposals with Indonesia universities to design and deliver projects on supporting Indonesia universities in mainstreaming disability-inclusive education.

The overarching objective of UK-Indonesia Disability Inclusion Partnerships Grant is to facilitate UK and Indonesia universities partnership to design and deliver projects on supporting Indonesia universities in mainstreaming disability-inclusive education. It is important that the two sides feel that they are able to learn from each other experience and they feel to have benefits from working together.


The Grant can cover partnership activities which deliver the following objectives:

  • Establish new institutional or enhance existing partnership
  • Develop new inclusive policies and practices for greater accessibility in higher education
  • Explore ideas, share knowledge, and best practice on addressing barriers for person with disabilities to access higher education
  • Strengthen capacity in teaching and learning in inclusive class setting

Funding Information

  • Expect to support up to 4 projects of max £30,000 in value each, for a 12-month period, starting from January 2024.
  • Funds will be disbursed directly to the Lead Institution (that is, the Lead Applicant’s institution) in the UK according to the approved final budget. Applicants may be asked to adjust their budget if their request does not fit within funding guidelines or if this is considered not appropriate by the application reviewers.
  • For an equitable partnership, the Lead Institution should be able to timely transfer funding to its Co-Lead institution in the partner country and/or to Associated Partners for activities which support the objectives of the collaboration and the overall Programme, allowing activities implementation to be implemented without delay. For-profit associate partners are only eligible to receive funds to cover travel-associated costs. Funds to be allocated for all travel can be up to 20% of the total grant per project.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The grants cover partnerships between Higher Education Institutions in the UK and Indonesia.
  • Indonesia Lead institution must be an accredited Higher Education Institution, as locally defined.
  • Both Lead Applicant and Partner must have the capacity to administer a grant and satisfy British Council requirements to prevent bribery, fraud and professional misconduct. The capacity must be confirmed in the support letter.
  • The partnership can include in their proposals Associated Partners (from both the Indonesia and the UK) affiliated with:
  • Higher Education providers
  • Not-for-profit research institutions, establishment and organisations.
  • TVET/FE providers
  • Other education organisations/charities/foundations/membership bodies
  • Not-for-profit organisations, including Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
  • For-profit/commercial organisations, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Branch and satellite campuses of UK Higher Education providers
  • Government organisations
  • Employer organisations and industry bodies
  • Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) and Social Enterprise organisations
  • For-profit non-education organisations are not eligible to receive any grant funds, except to cover travel-associated costs.

Source: https://www.britishcouncil.id/en/uk-id-disability-inclusion-partnerships-grant