Documentation and Knowledge Management of Adolescent empowerment and ending child marriage Programmes.

Last date: 
Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Detailed Description

Purpose: The purpose of this RFPS is to invite proposals to provide consultancy services for ‘ to provide services for documentation and Knowledge Management of Adolescent Empowerment and Ending Child Marriage Programmes.

Purpose of Assignment:

The Adolescent empowerment and ending child marriage programmes in india are complex and multi-levelled. These programmes are due to expand/ are expanding in their geographic coverage in the upcoming year. The engagement through programme partners and state/ district/ block government administration, are expected to yield lessons which can be used for state and national level scale-up programming and implementation and inform similar initiatives in other states, as well as in other participating countries.

Knowledge gained will be used by UNICEF to:

  • Strengthen evidence on adolescent issues, with the potential to provide a platform for adolescent voice.
  • Mobilise political commitment and advocacy for adolescents, their issues and aspirartions.
  • Improve programme performance which is crucial as the programmes scale-up and are incorporated in the large-scale government programmes.


To develop comprehensive documentation and knowledge management materials covering both the adolescent empowerment (AE) & Ending child marriage (ECM) and BBBP programmes.
To document the lessons learnt and good practices from AE and ECM programming since 2015 that will support the state and national level scale-up and inform similar initiatives in other participating countries, in south asia region and globally

Language: The Proposal prepared by the proposer and all correspondence and documents relating to the proposal exchanged by the proposer and unicef, will be written in English language.

Eligibility; Proposer Information:

Proposer the term proposer refers to those companies that submit a proposal pursuant to this RFPS and “Proposal” refers to all the documents provided by the proposer in its response to this RFPS.

Joint Ventures, Consortium or Association.

If the proposer is a group of legal entities that will form or have formed a joint venture, consortium or association at the time of the submission of the proposal, each such legal entity will confirm in their joint proposal that:

They have designated one party to act as a lead entity, duly vested with authority to legally bind the members of the joint venture jointly and severally, and this will be evidenced by a joint venture agreement among the legal entities which will be submitted along with the proposal.

Preparation of Offer:

  • Examine all terms, requirements and formal submission instructions.
  • Review the RFPS to ensure that they have a complete copy of all documents
  • Review the standard UNICEF contractual provision and the Unicef general terms and conditions of contract for the supply of services publicily available on the UNICEF website.


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