Education & Youth Program

Daniel Foundation

Relevent Country: United States of America

The Daniel Foundation of Alabama is currently seeking applications for its Education & Youth Program to support and improve education and youth development for Alabama’s children birth through 12th grade, especially children in underserved and rural areas or those facing economic disadvantages.

Colleges and universities in Alabama are key economic drivers for the communities in which they exist and for the state as a whole. They offer important resources to them in achieving the philanthropic goals, and they support them in this partnership role. Grants to universities will be primarily focused on these partnerships.


  • Availability of and access to high quality public libraries
  • Readily available, quality birth through pre-school opportunities
  • Support for bold approaches to Alabama’s public school challenges, and programs working to provide better educational opportunities for K-12 students, including the support of charter schools in Alabama
  • Programs that expose and prepare students for higher education and employment opportunities
  • Summer learning, with a particular focus on SAIL
  • Youth development, including mentoring programs

Eligibility Criteria

  • Priority is given to organizations that have at least one full-time employee and a broad base of supporters and have been in operation providing programs and services for a minimum of two years. Grants to start-up operations are considered by invitation only.
  • Multi-year grants are considered, with preference given to organizations having a long history with the Foundation. Organizations receiving a multi-year grant, may not reapply until the multi-year period has expired, even if the funding has been accelerated.
  • After three consecutive years of funding organizations must sit out one year before re-applying
  • Organizations may only receive one grant during the calendar year

They do not fund:

  • Individuals
  • Scholarships
  • Sponsorships for fundraising events
  • Organizations outside of Alabama