EKOenergy’s Climate Fund: Call for Climate Projects

Last date: 
Friday, September 30, 2016
Central African Republic
South Africa

Detailed Description

EKOenergy is network of environmental not-for-profit organisations and it promotes sustainable renewable energy. The network manages the EKOenergy label, the only international
label for renewable electricity. For each MWh of EKOenergy-certified electricity, at least €0.10 goes to EKOenergy’s Climate Fund.

EKOenergy wants to use the money of the Climate Fund to finance small renewable electricity projects aiming at alleviation of energy poverty in poor countries and regions. It is looking for projects to be financed in 2017 and 2018.

The evaluation criteria

  • Experience, solvency and reliability of the applicant (20%)
  • Quality and efficiency of the project (20%): effectiveness, efficiency, relevance, impact and visibility, ownership, gender
  • Long term viability, sustainability and replicability of the project (20%)
  • Contacts with local stakeholders, solid local counterpart (20%)
  • Complementary goals with EKOenergy and with the main target of this call (20%): Share our goal to promote renewable energy through involvement of people; this call is focuses on the fight against energy poverty.

For more information, visit http://www.ekoenergy.org/new-call-for-climate-projects/

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