Embassy of Bulgaria in Ukraine announces Call for Grant Proposals

Embassy of Bulgaria
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Friday, July 10, 2020

Detailed Description

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Bulgaria, through the Embassy of the Republic of Bulgaria in Ukraine, announces a procedure for accepting and selecting proposals for projects to be implemented with a grant within the framework of the official development assistance of the Republic of Bulgaria with an initial implementation deadline in 2021 year.

Aims and scope of the projects:

  • Construction and equipment of specialized study rooms – language, laboratories, gyms, etc.;
  • Modernization of the infrastructure of educational institutions;
  • Updating and replenishing the library stock of educational institutions;
  • Organizing training courses for the teaching staff;
  • Introduction of modern technologies for improving the quality of the educational process;
  • Organizing and conducting festivals (cinema, theater, opera, dance, folklore, music, etc.), exhibitions, concerts, etc.;
  • Maintenance, repair and reconstruction of cultural infrastructure (theaters, cinemas, centers, galleries, monuments, memorials);
  • Financing and promoting films related to Ukraine’s cultural diversity;
  • Establishment of specialized bodies of state and local administration to provide consultative assistance to business representatives with a view to cooperation with the EU;
  • Organizing training courses for state and local government employees engaged in assisting the private sector in its cooperation with the EU;
  • Supporting the presence of local companies and producers in positioning them in the EU market;
  • Improving the quality and capacity of local businesses to cooperate with the EU;
  • Financing of journalistic platforms and projects aimed at objective coverage;
  • Financing ethnic and minority publications.

Priority Areas

The priority areas and areas for project implementation in the territory of Ukraine are:

  • Provide inclusive and quality education, incl. by improving school infrastructure
  • Preserving cultural diversity and common cultural and historical heritage and promoting intercultural understanding
  • Supporting freedom of expression and the media by promoting quality, independent and civic journalism
  • Protecting and guaranteeing human rights by building effective, responsible and inclusive institutions at all levels
  • Improving private sector access to the European market by applying EU standards, with particular attention to agriculture

Expected Results

  • affirmation of the good name and international authority of Bulgaria;
  • improving the quality of education and the introduction of new training technologies;
  • modernization of existing cultural spaces;
  • the creation of independent media projects;
  • organizing and conducting various cultural events and promoting them in the country’s cultural calendar;
  • improving socio-economic development and good governance leading to sustainable and inclusive economic development.
  • Promoting economic cooperation with Bulgaria and the EU as a whole;
  • reducing poverty and increasing prosperity;
  • deepening the interaction between institutions at central, regional and local level.

Funding Information

  • The minimum eligible project value is BGN 5,000.

The recommended maximum value of a project is:

  • for projects whose main purpose is to supply goods and / or provide services – up to BGN 70,000;
  • for projects whose main purpose is to carry out repair and / or construction activities – up to BGN 270,000.
  • Project proposals must include an indicative start date for the project after 1 March 2021 and no later than 30 November 2021.
  • The implementation of the project must be completed no later than December 31, 2023.

Target Groups

  • pupils and students (including people with special needs and disadvantaged backgrounds);
  • teachers and administrative staff at schools and universities;
  • lovers of theater and film art;
  • entrepreneurs, producers, farmers;
  • employees of state and local administration;
  • representatives of minority groups;
  • freelance journalists;
  • freelance analysts and political experts.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Primary and secondary budget spending units – legal entities in Ukraine;
  • International and local non-governmental organizations;
  • Municipalities and their associations;
  • Educational, health and social institutions;
  • International humanitarian organizations;
  • legal persons, entrepreneurs, farmers;
  • Other (cultural institutions, theaters, cinemas, libraries, galleries).

Source: https://www.mfa.bg/embassies/ukraine/news/25178

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